Housing managers cite their respective advantages

In a previous story, we compared three housing options for students. Now, the housing managers of those locations explain their respective benefits.

Cavalier Housing Manager Thomas Kennedy said the 11-year old unit – converted from the former Wise Appalachian Regional Hospital facility in 2005 – typically houses between 90 and 100 students, with the option for single or double occupancy.

Cavalier Housing offers flexible lease plans, Kennedy said, and residents have the advantage of water and sewer, Internet and cable included in one price.

The Cavalier apartments come fully furnished and roommate matches can be made if you cannot find a roommate, Kennedy said. The facility also employs on-site supervisors and has experienced little trouble among residents, he added. Residents have access to an on-site laundry and designated study areas.

Nicole Davis, manager of Walk2Campus, said her facility does offer students in some ways a less-structured residential experience compared to living on-campus.

The facility consists of five dormitories for upperclassmen. Davis said that Walk2Campus is a short walk from the UVa-Wise campus via a connecting walkway. A variety of fully-furnished apartments, from one- to four-bedroom, are available, and the facility offers help in matching roommates.

Upcoming Walk2Campus leases are for 11 ½ months running from August 15, 2016 till July 31, 2017. Lease base prices are spread over a 12 month span for a monthly rate. Students sign individual leases so that they are not responsible if their roommates do not pay. A parent or guardian has to be a guarantor on the lease, no matter the age of the applicant.

All tenants are required to have renters insurance. Most homeowner’s policies will cover for a child while renting.

Walk2Campus allows pets for a fee: $60 per month for a dog and $30 per month for a cat.

Pets must be registered with the Walk2Campus office, and there is a limit of two pets per apartment.

While UVa-Wise’s housing began the 2016-17 academic year sign-up process in March, students can continue to sign up after the initial date. Students have a first-come, first-served choice of resident hall and are also able to pick their roommate as long as the roommate has also completed an application. Housing applications can be found in the housing section of the UVa-Wise website, www.uvawise.edu, or can be picked up at the housing department office on the first floor of Cantrell Hall.

UVa-Wise Director of Housing and Student Life Josh Justice said that campus housing offers several advantages to the resident student.

“When you look at the housing package, that includes laundry and all utilities,” Justice said. “You never have to worry about paying a higher electric bill, or cable, internet, or water. It’s all included.”

Even though some believe that living off-campus is cheaper, Justice said the prices of living on campus compared to any off-campus housing even out once rent, bills, and meals are factored together.

“Living on campus provides a lot of opportunities for students to be involved and engaged,” said Justice. “If students have ideas on things they would like to see to improve the residential experience, I would encourage them to come talk to me. Students can also get involved in the Residence Hall Association–a student group that promotes residential living but also advocates for the needs of residential students.”

Now that you’ve heard from the housing managers, find out what students have to say about the locations.

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