March Madness commences

March 15 through April 4 is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but the most important is that March Madness begins.

All basketball fans are hard to get a hold of during this time because games are literally played all day for two weeks straight, and with the relatively new March Madness app we have access to every game at any time of the day.

The NCAA national tournament is interesting every year, but 2016 will be particularly interesting as some teams that have not seen tournament action in years have earned there ticket to the big “dance.” One team that includes my childhood best friend is Holy Cross. This is their first time at the dance in nine years.

As usual,  I have Duke winning the national championship in my bracket, and last year my team was successful. This year though the national title could truly end up in the hands of any team. Even though I hate to say it, two ACC teams have the possibility of winning the national title and neither of them are Duke. UNC and UVA are two teams that could play their way to the championship game and have a good chance of taking it home at the end of the tournament. Other contenders are Kansas, Miami and Oregon, but the best part about March Madness is that any team can win on any given night. Many teams pulled off upsets and knocked out high seeded teams in the beginning of the tournament.

One in particular is Middle Tennessee State University that managed to win their game against Michigan State. . For the most part, though, the teams that we expect to win have advanced and will continue to make a run for the national championship.

As the sweet 16 begins, I only expect the games to get better. The passion and competitiveness of the players and coaches is something that I look forward to experiencing. It inspires competition between my peers and me, but it is all in good fun. That is truly what this game is all about.

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