Speeding on campus can slow you down in a lot of ways

Speeding is a constant when people are driving, and people are speeding on the campus here at UVA-Wise.

Personally, there has been a few occasions where as I am looking for a parking space, or heading home from a long day of classes, and there are individuals in front of my vehicle driving over the speed limit sign of 25 who avoid over for their speeding.

Driving over the speed limit can trigger an unnecessary chain of events. In the beginning of the fall semester as I went to turn into campus on Cavalier Drive, I was involved in an accident that totaled the rear end of my own vehicle. I suffered a strained shoulder in addition to a damaged vehicle, but the point of this is that we should all drive carefully to avoid the negative consequences that can result from speeding.

And, even if you don’t worry what can happen to your vehicle, understand that there are pedestrians, moving and parked vehicles on campus – we all need to obey posted speed limits and traffic signs.

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