Super Bowl 50

Anticipation builds as Super Bowl 50 draws near, an event that will bring football fans all across America together for one epic night.
The Super Bowl is the biggest night of the year in for America’s most popular sport, making it a very special day for many football fans. In this year’s match, the Carolina Panthers (15-1) face off against the Denver Broncos (12-4).

Denver brings one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, Peyton Manning, as well as the league’s number one defense, into the game. With rumors swirling that this could be Peyton’s last hoorah, will he ride off into the sunset like his predecessor, John Elway, did once before? This season has been rough for Manning, for he hasn’t thrown more than one touchdown at home the entire regular season. Manning had been benched in week 10 after throwing four interceptions, only to learn that he had suffered a foot injury that would keep him out until week 17, where he would relieve a struggling Brock Osweiler.

On the other end, Carolina has Cam Newton, who was named the league’s Most Valuable Player for the current season and the creator of the dab (well, he’s been given most of the credit for starting the craze — its popularity even led people like Frank Beamer to attempt it). Most people would say that Newton has carried the Panthers on his back this season after his top wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin suffered from a torn ACL in the preseason. It seemed to be a lost cause for the Panthers, but behind the sixth ranked defense, they won 15 games in a row– Carolina fans in Charlotte celebrated with free donuts, courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

After both teams ran the table in the postseason by defeating many household names like the Cheaters (oops, I mean the Patriots), Steelers, Cardinals, and Seahawks, it was almost academic that the two number one seeds face each other in the championship game. Now that the football fans have been satisfied, why are all these other people watching with no clue what is happening?

Instead of listening to the coaches talk strategy during half time, there’s always an interesting halftime show. In previous years, we’ve had everyone from Janet Jackson to dancing sharks, but this year, the NFL recruited Coldplay and Beyoncé, with the potential help of Bruno Mars to entertain the fans. Like every year, people will be looking for any formation of an Illuminati triangle or listening to the artist so they can make a comment about it on Twitter within the next few seconds.

Those not biting on every move made by Beyoncé will be anxiously waiting for the next Super Bowl commercial. There is usually a fair share of commercials that are talked about the day after the big game. The audience can bet that they will see at least one Clydesdale or a scuffle over Doritos. And speaking of Doritos, the Super Bowl is also a time where families and friends gather and have a party. Many of the best party recipes such as buffalo chicken dips, fondues, and wings will be made and consumed, leaving most Americans to continue to ask why the day after the Super Bowl isn’t a holiday.

After being finished with an entertaining night of football, wings, and interesting commercials, don’t forget that we still have class, or some other obligation, the next. If the day after the Super Bowl becomes a holiday, college students wouldn’t even recognize it as such. Either way, the Super Bowl is scheduled to begin this Sunday at 6:30 pm.

What is drawing you to the biggest game of the year?

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