McCraray: Every Freshman’s Dream

As a freshman who is living on their own for the first time, residence life has been an interesting new experience to me.

Living in relatively close proximity to others and managing my own room has so far been a positive experience for me. However, for better or for worse, I can honestly say that I doubt my experience would be any less ‘interesting’ if I weren’t living in McCraray Hall.

While I’ve taken a liking to McCraray and enjoy living here, there are definitely a few issues that have come up from time to time.

Living on the top floor of a building with no air conditioning, especially during warmer weather, is not very good for my asthma. Scampering up the stairs is always a workout for both my legs and lungs, and the victory wheeze I make after summiting the stairwell is rivaled by no other.

Add a backpack, a case of water, or groceries, and the accomplishment of still being alive after making it to the top calls for a celebration.

In contrast to the lack of air conditioning, the heating does seem to work especially well. It is currently running, even while it’s in the high 60’s outside, and I sometimes find outside to be more comfortable than inside, even with my fan turned on. Despite this, it is still nice enough inside. Or at the very least, a stable temperature.

My room is quite nice. I have a good number of power outlets, and the ones that aren’t too loose to plug into or completely upside down work extremely well. And it is also full of mysteries! Such as the mystery of why the entrance to my room has brick-patterned tiles, yet the rest is covered in grey tiles. And the mystery of where those bees and stinkbugs keep coming from when my window has been closed for months.

Regardless, it is still a nice home, and I like living there, even if there are some unidentifiable spots on the ceiling.

The people here really are nice, though, even if I rarely see them. The concept of McCraray being the more social of the two Freshmen dorms falls apart when one has no roommate and lives on a floor that isn’t even half-filled. Everyone is very sociable, though, and a trip to the lobby almost always nets some interaction.

All jokes aside, McCraray is still a good place to live. The ruggedness of my dorm is sometimes part of the appeal, and it would feel strange to not have to walk for a few minutes to reach the dumpster, to not have to bring my key along so I may unlock the bathroom door, or to just use an elevator.

I guarantee I will feel nostalgia about this place, though it may take a few years, and I would recommend it to other freshmen who would like an additional challenge.

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