QEP Trading Cards: Novelty and Reminder

UVa-Wise’s Quality Enhancement Plan, Wise Writes, now has a trading card collection dedicated to it. Each card features four separate points of information about the five-year QEP, which centers upon improving the writing quality of UVa-Wise students.

The cards include various characters, objects and landmarks around our campus, including Chancellor Henry and our ever-beloved Snowmageddon T-Shirts. Obviously their objective was to increase awareness around campus about Wise Writes and its goals, and I think the idea of using trading cards to spread that message is clever.

The cards have been readily available to students from several different locations on campus, ranging from the library to the bookstore. The cards are at least worth grabbing for a laugh if nothing else, and maybe even as a memento of our time in college.

I understand a lot of people are probably going to hate these cards, and I understand why. Many students probably thought the idea itself was incredibly dumb, or simply thought it was a waste of money. Nonetheless, it’s still a novel attempt to notify students about UVa-Wise’s goal for the coming years.

As for this goal, an intense writing curriculum is one of the strongest advantages a liberal arts education offers students. Reinforcing our writing skills through the QEP can serve to make us more competitive in the workplace. Strong writing skills provide job-seekers an advantage in searching for almost any job, and UVa-Wise’s attempt to broaden our writing capabilities is by no means a bad idea.

Even if you hate the cards, you have to at least appreciate the attempt.

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