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College’s upcoming Quality Enhancement Program focuses on ‘Wise Writes’

UVa-Wise is always changing and that can be seen by the up-and-coming library that is getting closer to finished every day, but the work that of faculty behind the scenes that students do not see also sparks change.

Students will find themselves writing a bit more and it may take some getting used to. This installment will, “have a positive effect and provide better opportunities for career goals,” according to college Provost Sandy Huguenin.

It all started with “Wise Writes,” not only a catchy tagline but a change within the way of learning that will help shape the future of this college. This phrase, that can be seen on the back of convocation t-shirts, gives simple insight into the college’s new Quality Enhancement Plan.

Every five years, universities around the U.S. look to reaccredit themselves by enhancing their student body in many fashions. They are reviewed by the Commissions on Colleges (COC) to assess if the school is truly aiding the students for the future.

The COC critiques the plan and makes adjustments to better suit its development. They will also oversee the report to make sure that the QEP was success in differentiating the college.

The previous Quality Enhancement Program was Expedition, the orientation students go through when they first attended UVa-Wise that is four or five days before classes. This seems to be an improvement that the incoming freshmen tend to enjoy.

When an improvement plan has the success that Expedition has, it will continue to be a cornerstone of the college’s improvement. The newly developed program will surely be one that may not accredit itself to the students initially but have a lasting impact down the road. Professors often say, “You will thank me for this later,” and this is one of those scenarios.

Most students are not too fond of writing but incorporating this into a particular major can make light out of an unwanted but useful commodity.

The main focus of this plan is to improve college writing to provide better preparation for future endeavors while looking to improve in every department. This plan was derived from the struggles students were having with writing assignments in their upper level classes and will look to develop writing skills through one’s major to allow them more comfortable. It has three main focuses, given by Dr. Tom Costa, as it approaches its launch date in the fall of 2016. These are: hiring a professional program administrator to enhance professor’s teaching skills of writing; enhancing the writing center by allowing for more space; and providing workshops to help faculty work together to understand different types of writing.

The student body won’t realize the effect of this program until well into their alumni status as the board looks to aid students when going into graduate school and their dream jobs.

As students, we must continue to be outspoken in order to improve this university for the future. There was plenty of input from those who attended UVa-Wise when creating this enhancement. The QEP board analyzed many surveys and questionnaires to gain feedback when creating this process.

This is a positive sign for students because they will know that their voices are being heard. Dr. Costa encourages the students by saying, “There’s no need to fear because we are all here for you!”

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