NSLS Continues Campus Mission

Stephanie Shell explains the purpose of the NSLS organization here on campus.

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) are offering broadcasts again this semester. All of those are completely free and open for a public audience. Students from UVa-Wise can also receive one cultural activity credit for attending an NSLS speaker event.

The NSLS was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating long-lasting, positive change in mind. NSLS is based on the belief that an individual can achieve their dreams with needed support and dedicated action. They also believe that a group can always achieve more than somebody by themselves. NSLS says they encourage community action, volunteerism, personal growth, and strong leadership from its chapters and members. NSLS currently exists at 495 colleges and has over 506,000 members nationwide; they also claim to achieve profound results in helping students manage their goals in life.

At UVa-Wise the chapter of the NSLS was founded in Fall 2011. There are two nomination periods in one year; one in November in order to get a membership in spring and one in April to get a membership for the followingfall. The requirements are a 3.0 grade point average, and a good standing at the attending university. As a new member you attend extensive orientation and Leadership Training Day programs; peer networking team meetings and speaker events throughout the course of their semester of induction are also a part of the program. Two Induction ceremonies are held each academic year. Since the spring, the university’s chapter includes 145 students. 25 of these have pursued the National Engaged Leader Award (NELA) in recognition of their success in completion of additional leadership and elements of community service.

Benefits of being a member of the NSLS associated include access to an online job bank with employers seeking to hire society members, a nationwide network that allows students to connect with other success-oriented leaders, access to over $100,000 in national scholarships and awards available exclusively to NSLS members each year, access to online success coaches, and membership discounts valued at saving hundreds of dollars including discounts on computers, textbooks and graduate school preparation courses.

If you are interested, the next opportunity to listen to a speaker is October 6 at 7p.m. in the Cantrell Banquet Hall.

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