Get Your Kicks on Rte 23… and Lots More

If you think there’s nothing going on around campus, maybe you need to look a little harder.

The RTE 23 music festival is a perfect example that we have things to do on campus. The festival, held on August 29, had a collection of different bands performing from 4:00 p.m. to roughly 10:00 p.m. and also featured a beer garden provided by Wolf Hills Brewing Company of Abingdon. The bands that performed at the festival included: The London Souls, Desert Noises, This Mountain and Wayne Graham. The festival is also expected to return next year on August 27th.

Having a musical festival such as this is not only awesome but also antithetical to what we as students always complain about. We tend to think there is very little to do on campus, and perhaps we lack the diversity of events certain larger universities could offer. However, our campus has a decent amount to offer its students.

Just this past Wednesday, Brian Wills offered a lecture concerning the Confederate flag, and so many people attended that the room was completely overcrowded. In the coming weeks, The Clinch Coalition will hold a Naturalist Rally at High Knob, which will include a free lunch, hikes and a 5k trail race. Moreover, the Student Activities Board presented Jurassic World in Cantrell hall last week.

While events such as these may not be as sexy as a music festival with a beer garden, they still give us the option to get out of our dorms and experience something different than Netflix. UVa-Wise gives us several different options to choose from regarding activities, we just need to exploit them.

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