Fall Convocation 2015

Chancellor Henry allies college with regional economic development

UVa-Wise Chancellor Donna Henry outlines the college's mission during Fall Convocation cermeonies, Tuesday, August 20, 2015.
UVa-Wise Chancellor Henry addresses new students and faculty at Fall Convocation, Tuesday, August 20, 2015. Staff Photo | The Highland Cavalier

On Tuesday August 18, Chancellor Donna Henry was joined by The University of Virginia’s President Teresa A. Sullivan at the 2015 Convocation in welcoming freshmen, as well as returning students to the beginning of another academic year.

President Sullivan spoke of the importance of a liberal arts education in the modern world. “A liberal arts education teaches us to be critical thinkers, to be perceptive of the world around us, and to value the opinions of others, to write clearly and persuasively, and to integrate multiple perspectives before arriving at decisions,” Sullivan said. “Those broad skills—as much as any specialized, technical skill—are fundamental to the work of the 21st century.”

In her address, Chancellor Henry spoke of the college’s importance to the economy and future of Southwest Virginia. She reiterated the college’s role in aiding economic development in the area, including aiding local companies such as Micronics on research. “Southwest Virginia’s future is important to this College and to me. And in cooperation with our many partners, I intend to make this a focus of my chancellorship.”

SGA swearing 08-20-15 edited DSC_0123
SGA President, Shannon Walker, being sworn in for the 2015 academic year. Staff Photo | The Highland Cavalier

Henry also spoke on topics more specific to the college such as budget problems, the college’s relationship with The University of Virginia, and the recent move of athletics to NCAA Division II. “UVa-Wise has always been – and will continue to be – prudent with our resources and with your assistance, and the assistance of our many donors, I intend to keep us moving forward to achieve our goals,” Henry said. “On a more positive note about resources, our endowment now totals about $84.5 million, which continues to surpass the endowment at any of our sister COPLAC institutions and several endowments of much larger, and older, institutions in Virginia.”


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