Jimson Weed and Coffee Night very successful

The spring 2015 issue of “Jimson Weed,” the college’s literary magazine, which came out this month, has been getting rave reviews, and copies have been in high demand all over south­west Virginia, the magazine’s advisor said.

According to Associate Professor of Eng­lish and Faculty Advisor to Jimson Weed, Gil­lian Huang-Tiller, the spring issue was sent out to the Tri-Cities area and establishments that carried it ran out of copies within a week. Wise County businesses, like the Lonesome Pine Re­gional Library and the Inn at Wise, also ran out of copies, she said.

“We had actually [ran] out of them and not only were they gone, people wanted more,” she said. Huang-Tiller said Coffee Night, the event at which the magazine is unveiled, a success as well. Held on Thursday, April 9, there was no empty seat in Cantrell Banquet Hall for the night of poetry, music and stories. Huang-Tiller said she considered Rita Quillen turning her po­ems into music to be one of the major highlights of the night.

“Great turnout, great community support and then a great common interest in apprecia­tion for creative writing attributed to the suc­cess,” Huang-Tiller said.

Damean Mathews, managing editor for this edition of the “Jimson Weed,” said he thought things went well, too.

“This issue really allowed me to go out with a bang, with some really strong pieces from both familiar faces and people who I’d never gotten to work with, letting me create what I think is my best issue to leave on,” he said.

Communications major Tessa McCoy will be the successor for the role of managing editor for the graduating Mathews.

The magazine is currently available all over the UVa-Wise campus.

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