Cavaliers lend a hand: Day of Service 2015

April 11 saw the annual Day of Service bring volunteers from campus and community together in an effort to make a differ­ence in the environment.

Different groups were assigned to help clean up areas of the campus and the commu­nity, plant trees and spread mulch in an effort to influence healthy plant growth.

Students joined in on the efforts and seemed to enjoy the experience.

“Day of Service 2015 was a blast,” said Alex Pilcher, senior environmental science major.

Some of the projects that were involved in this year’s Day of Service were cleaning up areas of the campus, nearby Camp Bethel and Big Glades in the town of Wise.

“I worked with [the Student Government Association’s] project, which was weeding and mulching the Big Glades in the town of Wise,” Pilcher said.

One of the things that made the experience memorable for some was that it allowed students to work side-by-side with members of the community, and make a difference with oth­ers that feel it is also important.

“We met the mayor of Wise and got our hands dirty; it was fantastic,” Pilcher said.

A large number of people attended the event this year, despite its conflict with the first of the optional Saturday make-up days and an Alumni Association-led trip to Baltimore.

“It seemed like there was higher attendance this year, which is great to see because it shows the town that our students care about giving back,” Pilcher said.

The events were well planned and allowed an opportunity for students to give back to a community that has made an impact on their lives, according to Pilcher.

“Overall, it feels great to give back to a com­munity that has given so much to me,” Pilcher said.

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