Be your own boss: Entrepreneurship on campus

BB&T Professor of Free Enterprise at the University of Louisville Stephan Gohmann visited UVa-Wise last week to talk to students and faculty members about the “The Moral Foundations of Capitalism.”

The lecture was held in Cantrell Banquet hall.


Gohmann spoke on trade, cooperation, competition, win-win situations, how entrepreneurs create wealth, capitalism, cronyism and economic freedom in his lecture among other concepts that influence our society’s economy.


According to Gohmann, “it’s most important for [aspiring entrepreneurs] to understand that they need to be making things that make other people better off.”


Junior business administration major Brad Moore attended the lecture for a few of his classes including accounting and microeconomics.


“The guy definitely knew what he was talking about and he was passionate about the subject. His use of examples were different and kept you interested. All in all I would say it was definitely an effective lecture,” Moore said.


After his lecture, Gohmann, along with other students and faculty members, joined senior business major Jaime Robinson at the grand opening ceremony of “Dream Stream.”


“Dream Stream is a place to share business, entrepreneurship and creative ideas while finding others who wish to support your vision and make it a reality,” Robinson said.

Dream Stream, currently located on the second floor of the student center, is a place where students can post and share their ideas with other members of the student body. Eventually, Dream Stream will become an online database where ideas can be shared, but for now it is a physical location where ideas can be written and pinned onto the streamers in the window.

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