Snowpocalypse hits Wise

Locals on social media have called it the “Snowpocalypse” and for good reason, the same snow that fell on Monday before last was still unphased by the sun and the marginally warmer temperature nearly two weeks later. For most in Culbertson Hall, the two weeks off we received because of the inclement weather can be seen as “Spring Break Part 1.”

I drive a Ford Fiesta with a tire rim width of six inches. Parked in the lot beside Culbertson, the snow was packed as high as my window. Suffice to say, I couldn’t go anywhere.

So what was there to do for two weeks straight?

For nursing student Dan Deane, it’s been a week of catching up with work. Being a nursing student is one of the more time consuming and intensive areas one can study in at UVa-Wise, so for Deane, any extra time to complete assign­ments is welcome with open arms.

For 2nd floor Resident Advisor Megan Gray, the weeks off meant that she could final­ly hold a Dance Dance Revolution tournament with time to spare. Sixteen people danced, only one walked away with the much sought after $15.00 Taco Bell gift card; it was me. She also mentioned something that has become a staple of dormitory life at UVa-Wise: “a lot, a lot of Netflix.”

For myself, it was a combination of the two. The first few days consisted of the shellshock of having a time off period. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself, jumping from video games to Netflix to YouTube, attempting to cram in as much entertainment in a 72 hour pe­riod as possible.

The remainder of the week was pure bore­dom due to myself already having the entertain­ment out of the way, as well as worrying that the snow would decimate my articles.

By the end of the week some friends con­vinced me to go sleighriding near the practice football field.

I would not recommend that due to all the hidden rocks in the hills. Finally, I mustered the courage and fortitude to complete work that could have been completed on a much earlier date. Not that the work suffered, but the freedom is a gift and curse.

You could contemplate working on some­thing in the morning, get distracted by Netflix or a friend, and the next time you look out the window, the sun is down.

Week two was an exact replica of the first. Were the two weeks off a blessing? Yes. The time off has been a morale booster for students here at Culbertson, with everyone generally ac­cepting that normal school schedules were ap­proaching.

Will students pay for the time off? Yes and no.

It has been stated that spring break will not be taken away. However, summertime might be a little shorter than originally planned. Don’t kill the messenger.

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