Napoleon Hill Foundation continues to help students

UVa-Wise students continue to receive sup­port from the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Established in 1997, the Napoleon Hill Foundation Scholarship Fund has helped over 100 students on the campus of UVa-Wise in the form of hefty donations that go to serve as scholarships for those in need.

The history of the donations reached a new height in January when Foundation Director Don Green presented a $250,000 check to Chanellor Donna P. Henry, sending the total donations from the foundation over the $1 million mark.

Named after the Wise County native who is credited with writing the first self-success, or self-help, book, the Napoleon Hill Founda­tion strives to show individuals how to be successful in every en­deavor, Green said.

The foundation, providing a number of tips for students based on Hill’s “Keys to Success,” en­courages students of all majors to participate in honors studies and engage in business research and in­ternships through special academic work, according to a press release on the college website.

The foundation’s work is im­portant because it helps people get a direction, because most people don’t know where they want to go, according to Green.

“It’s about what people do to be successful,” Green said.

The goal of reaching $1 mil­lion worth of donations has been a personal hope of Green’s since he began work for the foundation.

“It took us a while, but we got there,” Green said. “In life, we don’t usually exceed our expecta­tions, but I saw the possibility of it and never had a doubt in my mind that we’d accomplish it.”

The foundation likes to get to know the students the scholarship helps, according to Green.

“I’m very impressed with our scholars,” Green said. “We always try to meet them and I’ve been very pleased.”

Students who have received as­sistance from the foundation have ample opportunity to contribute help of their own, he said.

“Education is the answer,” Green said, “I think Napoleon Hill would be very proud.”

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