Everything is political, but politics shouldn’t be everything

There are sides to every topic in America. Are you on Team Android or Team iPhone? Are you a Steelers fan or a Ravens fan? Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Are you Marvel or DC? Xbox or Playstation? Are you Re­publican or Democrat?

These sides exist because of the passion we have for these things and the value that we hold them to.

I believe that the public should relax about their pas­sions and be less forward. I do not believe everything in life should have a right and wrong answer and I believe that American culture has great difficulties in separating itself from the fun of it all and criti­cally thinking about their pas­sions.

That is not to say that ev­eryone is guilty of this, but from my experience, if some­one was put on the spot and asked why something is truly better, the answer would more than likely be “it just seems more right.”

The unsaid secret of pick­ing a side is that it generally feels great to be better at some­thing than someone else. It feels awesome to prove some­one wrong. It feels good to be on the right side of things.

However, should there be losers when it comes to things such as entertainment? Should someone really feel ashamed because they chose a differ­ent kind of phone than you? Is there really a losing side to choosing a Playstation over an Xbox? The answer is an obvi­ous no.

The way we get to uncon­sciously adapting politics to everything is our ability to care about a certain aspect of life. People who care about what kind of cell phone they have, and care passionately.

There is no halfway for American culture and its abil­ity to care. It is either all the way or don’t bother. When you care that much about a particu­lar aspect and someone choos­es differently, it becomes about politics right then and there.

I believe there is an issue in American culture with recog­nizing what needs to be politi­cized and what does not. Yes, it is fun for your team to win the Super Bowl.

However, criticizing some­one for their preference to Mac or Windows without a better argument than “it sucks” is just sad, especially if you are a stu­dent here.

Now that is stepping into the broader issue of American culture and its ability to give an opinion on things they know nothing about, but that’s a free­dom of speech issue or, better yet, the freedom to convince someone you are uninformed.

The point is, there is noth­ing wrong with being passion­ate about the things you care about. I’m passionate about journalism and when some­one criticizes my work, I am always given well thought out reasons as to why something needs to be changed.

When choosing a side on an issue or aspect, make sure it’s the right issue thoroughly and make sure worth picking a side over to begin with.

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