New leadership arrives in SGA

The Student Government Association has seen two positions change hands recently.

On Nov. 21, Associate Vice Chancellor Jewell Worley resigned from her position as advisor for the SGA, followed shortly by Jordan Viars, the organization’s vice president and a senior psychology major.

The resignations left President Shannon Walker, a junior psychology major, forced to find two new faces to fill the spots.

“At first it was scary having to have two new positions on our executive board,” Walker said. “I thought it was going to put us back a little bit with some of the things we’d gotten ahead on, but I don’t think it’s going to stop us at all.”

Viars submitted his resignation via letter, and said he is cutting back classes to part-time status.

“It is unfair for me to continue in a position that I am not fully committed to, especially a position like that of [the] Vice President’s,” Viars wrote in the letter.

Viars, who said that his decision to resign came from a need for greater focus on grades and not because of any difference between himself and the SGA, had to resign according to the SGA’s constitution, which does not allow any student who is considered part-time to hold a position.

“It hit me hard, because I wasn’t expecting it,” Walker said. “To lose an adviser and a vice president at the same time…it brought me a lot of concerns trying to find someone to fill Jordan’s shoes.”

When there is a resignation, the president has two options. There can either be a nomination made by the president or a mass email can be sent to the student body asking for applicants.

”I feel more comfortable opening it to the students and finding out who is really interested in SGA and letting them interview for the process because sometimes the best people don’t necessarily have to come from the SGA itself,” Walker said.

Viars’ replacement, junior history major Katelyn Sturgill, was elected and sworn in on Jan. 23.

“I am honored to represent the student body this semester and to bring my ideas forward to further the goals of the college,” Sturgill said.

Rusty Necessary, vice chancellor for enrollment management, has taken Worley’s spot as advisor.


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