Students organize protest

A group of students chanted, held picket signs and fell to the ground of the Slemp Student Center on Friday, Dec. 5. to protest police brutality and racism.

The event was organized by sophomore nursing major Kaitlynn Davis.

The group began protesting at 1 p.m., lying down on the floor of the SSC Atrium while chanting “No justice, no peace. Black lives matter!”

The protest lasted approximately eight minutes. Campus police, who arrived in the latter part of the protest, could not be immediately reached for comment.

“If one person’s rights are taken away then everyone’s rights are taken away,” Davis said. “While I’ve never been a victim of police brutality that does not mean I cannot empathize with my fellow human beings. If it were a gay man who was a victim of police brutality I’d be doing the same time. We have to stand up for each other, because if we don’t then nobody will.”

Davis said the coalition of students and professors who took part, including some who joined in after the start of the protest, were contacted through social media outlets like Instagram and Yik Yak. Flyers were also printed and distributed the day of the protest.

“We were going to send it through email,” said Davis. “We sent it to Kathy Still and she did not send it out through our Highland Happenings … It’s been word of mouth, primarily, but everybody started talking about it as soon as they saw those flyers. I think it was pretty well advertised for the time being, and I think we had a really good turnout.”

William Yearout

William Yearout currently serves as senior features writer for The Highland Cavalier for the spring semester of 2014. He's previously served as a staff writer.

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