Are androids actually better in the long run?

Any normal conversations you hear about cell phones usually start with one question: “Are you on team Android or team iPhone?”

More than likely that conversation will lead to a heated, childish, unintelligible debate over which brand is better. This is due to lack of experience on both ends of the spectrum. More than likely, the iPhone user has never had an Android phone and vice versa, therefore making both arguments meaningless, but I digress.

It appears that the phone of choice for UVa-Wise is iPhone and it’s easy to see why — iPhones from the past four years are still pretty great phones. With the amazing app store and consistently high-quality build, the iPhone has been the Cadillac of phones. However, Android phones (Samsung, HTC, LG) have indeed caught up with iPhones. Here are a few reasons as to why they have caught up and why you should consider purchasing an Android device. (I’m not going to say “jump ship.” Quit politicizing all aspects of life and calm down people.)

  1. Customization. The Android operating system is insanely customizable. Don’t like the interface on your phone? Download a new user interface (U.I.) and make it unique to you. Don’t like the icons for your apps? Download an icon theme and make every app icon have a new shape and art. Also, there are widgets all over the place. Show the weather right on your homescreen at all times. Show what song you are playing right under it. Possibilities are endless.

  2. The Google Play Store. Years prior, apps on Android were not only scarce compared to Apple’s App Store, they were of low quality, as well. However, Google has turned this around significantly and the quality of these apps such as Snapchat, Games, Yik Yak and much more are on par with iOS with no indication that one app is better than the other. In fact, I dare you to find an app that cannot be found on both Android and iOS. (That most people would use.)

  3. Individuality. The iPhone 6 has three colors—gold, silver and gray. That is it, and if you want a different looking iPhone, then you have to get an older one. However, Android offers a wider variety of phones that, in the past few years, are as attractive as the build of the iPhone. Luckily, most Android phones are so good that you cannot go wrong with either choice. Some would argue that the current HTC One is a better looking phone than the current iPhone. Some would also argue that the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks like a dumpster fire. The important thing is that you have options.

Overall, no matter what phone you choose, you will be happy. We live in an era where all advertised cell phones are amazing. If you feel constricted by the iPhone and want more of a say in your phone, then choose Android. If you want your phone to be fluid, intuitive and reliable, choose iPhone. If none of these things matter to you, and you just want Snapchat and Yik Yak, then congratulations for reading something today. I hear that it’s healthy to read.

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