Is Greek Life losing popularity?

The number of students who pledged to a Greek organization during this semester’s fall recruitment process appeared to be lower than normal, not only here but across the country.

I think it has a lot to do with individualism.

In my opinion, when it comes down to it, sororities and fraternities are just organizations. Just by talking to members of fraternities and sororities here on campus, you can tell that fraternity brothers have such a relaxed state of mind about Greek life as a whole. They participate in the organization, but don’t stress over the minor details of the fraternity.

On the other hand, when I have talked to sorority girls here, it seems like the details, and the people, are most important. Members said that they are committed to the sorority: It’s the reason they have branched out, they have met lifelong friends, they have great opportunities, and they are never alone — they always know someone on campus wherever they are.

I don’t feel this is the case.

The problem with the girls that are so “committed” is that they aren’t committed at all. I personally know that each sorority has broken the “rules” that they have, but yet complain that others are breaking that same “rule.” That is ridiculous; if you are committed then you shouldn’t be a hypocrite. I’ve  been in organizations where commitment is a very big part of achieving success, so that aspect of Greek life speaks to me. I would never commit to something if I couldn’t give my all to it, and it irritates me to see a majority of girls say they are committed when they clearly aren’t.

I also don’t think that the sorority is why these girls branched out. Students branch out typically because that is what happens when you make new friends and join clubs and organizations in your college years. It is you who is branching out, so that must mean that you were capable of that all along, on your own.

I understand that you can make lifelong sisters and friends by going Greek; however, I have made plenty of potential lifelong friends for free.

The two things I hear the most about from sorority sisters are the opportunities and networking on campus. The organization that I am in, along with most others, has plenty of opportunities that are beneficial to one’s life. I also see someone I know almost everywhere on campus simply because it’s a smaller campus.

I think that this particular reasoning offered by sorority members for liking sororities discourages individuality. An individual should be able to be alone. I don’t need someone by my side at all times to be confident or to feel comfortable.

Although Greek life is for some, I feel as if most girls join for the wrong reasons. I personally am not against Greek life, just the way that it is set up from the outside looking in.

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