Underage male arrested at Homecoming Dance

Homecoming this year brought in a number of students, alumni and citizens of the com­munity to celebrate another year of existence for UVa-Wise.

With a number of celebrations in honor of the college’s 60th an­niversary and the many returning alumni, campus police were pre­pared to act if any trouble arose.

During the Homecoming Dance that began at 10 p.m. Sat­urday night police acted when they saw a situation that needed attention.

A student, who isn’t a student of UVa-Wise, was arrested, said Campus Chief of Police and Di­rector of Public Safety Ronnie Shortt.

20-year-old Christopher James Goodman was observed slumped over during the dance, police said.

When he stood he was very unsteady on his feet and then went outside and began to vomit, Shortt said.

Goodman was arrested by campus police officers and charged with under-age posses­sion of alcohol by consumption.

He was arrested without re­sistance or complications, Shortt said.

There have been student re­ports of other students being giv­en breathalyzer tests, but so far no official reports have been made.

Reports from the ABC officer Tuesday morning showed two additional arrests, one for underage possession, the other for public intoxication.

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