Chancellor Henry officially inaugurated

Last week, the University of Virginia and the University of Virginia’s College at Wise cel­ebrated the inauguration and installation of the college’s 8th chancellor, Donna Price Henry.

The ceremony on April 22 started with a processional of student representatives from the heads of the campus athletic teams and student organizations, faculty members and the ROTC.

The University of Virginia’s rector, George Martin, installed Chancellor Henry, after giving his remarks about how the University of Vir­ginia came to making the decision of choosing Donna Henry as UVa-Wise’s new chancellor.

“Chancellor Henry has the skills and dedi­cation to lead the college to levels of scholar­ship, excellence and achievement; indeed Mr. Jefferson would be very proud,” Martin said.

The party of speakers also included UVa-Wise’s Professor of English Christopher Scalia and Student Government Association President Dakota Hill.

“I call on you to remember the faculty’s dual role of instructing the students of Uva-Wise, and helping you with your job of recommending policies and programs that will best promote the interest of the college,” Scalia said.

“I urge you to remember that while you are the chief administer here, you are also a part of the faculty, and that we your peers are partners in your important task.”

Dakota Hill, president of SGA, said, “Chan­cellor Henry examples the very ideals that which this very college was founded on almost 60 years ago by the three wise men.”

Former President of Florida Gulf Coast University Roy McTarnaghan also spoke about Chancellor Henry.

According to McTarnaghan, Chancellor Henry is someone who will involve everyone in decision-making by asking for their advice and genuinely taking it into account. She will get things done within the timeline she sets for herself.

Also, McTarnaghan said, “There are three kinds of people in this world; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who ask, ‘what happened?’ Donna Henry is someone who can make things hap­pen.”

After the remarks and her installation, Chan­cellor Donna Henry, the 8th chancellor to serve the college, gave some remarks of her own.

“Thank you for your belief in our beloved college and your confidence in my ability to serve as your chancellor,” Henry said.

“You have my pledge to contribute, to cre­ate, and to join you in making a difference at UVa-Wise.”

“To our founders and builders over the last 60 years, I will hold dear that great achieve­ments and sacrifices you have made to form and guide this institution,” Henry said.

Chancellor Henry’s position here at the col­lege is now official.

She will start her second year as chancellor implementing her own personal vision here at UVa-Wise next fall.

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