B.o.B. rocks Wise, student gets rocked

Hip-hop recording artist B.o.B. rocked the David J. Prior Convocation Center this weeekend. A crowd of around 700 people gathered Saturday night to hear the artist who opened with his hit song “Magic.”

More magic would hit the stage later on in the concert, when senior business administration major Brandon Aird rushed the stage wearing a Magic Johnson Jersey.

For the few seconds before Aird was confronted, he attempted to pump up the crowd and looked like a guest rapper rather an unwelcomed guest. Those few seconds were fleeting though, and Aird was soon tackled to the ground by a B.o.B. security guard.

Following the incident, Aird was arrested on a drunk in public charge and transported to the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail in Duffield.

Aird said his onstage antics were driven by opportunity.

“I didn’t see any type of barrier from the stairs going down to the stage and there wasn’t any type of barrier from the ramp leading up to the stage or security guard or sign saying, “you can’t come up here,” Aird said. “I went up there to see a reaction like how far I could get if I could get up there and hopefully B.o.B. would notice. I’m pretty sure he noticed.”

His opportunity would lead to a quick tackle to the ground by a B.o.B. security guard and a toss off the stage. Aird said the tackle, which was the the talk of the crowd, wasn’t as painful as it looked.

“It was surreal. At the same moment it was like one of those, ‘wow this is really happening’ moments,” he said. “I didn’t expect to get tackled I just thought I was going to get escorted off.”

While Aird was escorted to Duffield, his goal was fulfilled and B.o.B. certainly took notice replying to Aird’s Tweets.

To Aird’s initial tweet at the hip hop artist, (“I was the dude who got tackled off stage, not trying to be sketchy just trying to say wassup”) B.o.B. replied, “I like risk takers! it’s cool u puttin on for ur school but I bet u’ll think twice b4 stepping on stage again! Lol.” Aird replied back with, “Haha I’ll tell you what, next time you come to Wise bring me up on stage so I don’t have to get rocked again!!!!”

Aird also received Twitter fame from the greater UVa-Wise community with the hashtag #freebrandon trending. Aird said the Twitter love was unexpected.

“I didn’t even have my phone when I was at Duffield and I turned my phone on and the next thing I know I have a bombardment of tweets from all these people favoriting and retweeting stuff about me,” Aird said.

Aird said while the situation is being taken as a comical event in the collegiate community, he apologizes to Chris Davis, Mark Dixon, the entire convocation center staff, the Chancellor and UVa-Wise for his actions and their reflection on the school. No action has been taken by school officials regarding Aird’s behavior.

While there has been some negatives from his guest appearance, Aird said he will never forget the moment when he hopped on stage in a Magic Johnson jersey with B.o.B.

Aird said the jersey selection was no accident.

“I thought it was going to be really hot in the convocation center and I wanted to have something without sleeves and that just happened to be the first thing I saw in the closet,” he said. “I’m a huge Magic Johnson fan.”

Todd Galyean

Senior political science major Todd Galyean served as editor-in-chief for The Highland Cavalier for the fall semester of 2013. He previously served as new/features editor and opinion editor.

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