Opinion: Great Wiseout or great wipeout?

While this piece may be a month late, The Great Wise Out of Feb. 26 will be ingrained in many of our memories.

It was an attempt to rally student support and school spirit, while supporting our men’s and women’s basketball teams.

There is no doubt that the atmosphere inside of the David J. Prior Convocation Center was electric.

However, even with the Taylor University-famed silent night and a crowd littered with goofy and obnoxious regalia, and despite the poorly-choreographed version of the overdone “Harlem Shake,” this event left some unanswered questions. It may have even left a black eye on Cavs nation.

The biggest question: why wait until the final game of the season to throw this huge fanfare?

Most schools attempt these events towards the beginning of the basketball season to boost student support and carry a home-court advantage throughout the duration of the season.

Do not misinterpret this as negativity, but see it rather as constructive criticism.

The timing needs to sooner when doing an event of this magnitude, and UVa-Wise needed to make The Great Wise Out something unique and not something that was cherry-picked from other schools.

This is not the NFL and we are not in a copycat league.

The proverbial black eye is in reference to the heckling done by the student section against the visiting Pikeville Bears.

Sitting in front of the student section provides a world of entertainment and sometimes a wealth of embarrassment.

One insult hurled out towards a Pikeville player stood out when a UVa-Wise student referred to one player as a pedophile.

That is where the line should be drawn in any sporting event at any level.

There is no room in sport for that degree of insult.

Since the student section lies on the same side as press row, both radio crews can pick up the vulgar insults. Not only is that an embarrassment to the students, but also the college as well.

Heckling is permissible, but also requires a degree of respect for the visiting team, even if the opponent may lead the home crowd to believe otherwise.

We can do better.

We should do better.

But will we ever do better?

Corey Sanchez

Communications major Corey Sanchez served as The Highland Cavalier's opinion editor and assistant sports editor for the 2012-2013 academic year. He previously served as a staff writer.

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