New SGA vice president appointed

Junior Dakota Hill was appointed Student Government Association vice president last Friday, following Robert “Bo” Endean’s Feb. 21 resignation from the office.

“My class, work, extracurricular activities and personal journeys have simply made it too much for me to handle at this time,” Endean said in his resignation letter.

Endean serves on the campus judicial board, is general manager of the CAV-TV television station, and works in media services, among other activities.

SGA President Phillip Blevins called Endean “an asset” to the group and the student body.

Hill, who served as senator-at-large, was nominated by Blevins and confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the senate.

He will be sworn in during the next SGA weekly meeting.

Blevins is accepting applications from students to fill the vacant senator-at-large position through today.

He will present his nomination of a candidate to the senate at the next SGA meeting, currently set for Friday.

Jordan Fifer

Interdisciplinary studies major Jordan Fifer served as The Highland Cavalier's editor-in-chief and online editor in the 2012-2013 academic year. He previously served as staff writer, news editor and photo editor.

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