Opinion: Campus parking pains persist

At the start of a new school year most students make their way to the Office of Campus Police to purchase a $60 privilege.

That privilege is to park their personal vehicle on campus, a campus that has very limited parking space, and it is increasingly apparent that some individuals abuse this privilege.

Two cars, with parking tickets on their windshields, are improperly parked in front of the dumpsters beside Thompson Hall. Photo by Corey Sanchez | The Highland Cavalier
Two cars, with parking tickets on their windshields, are improperly parked in front of the dumpsters beside Thompson Hall. Photo by Corey Sanchez | The Highland Cavalier

It is truly an atrocity when you see cars lined up illegally behind Asbury Hall, blocking cars parked in real parking spots, and nothing is being done to fix the situation besides an untrackable measly piece of paper.

Time and time again we see people park in the incorrect places or, better yet, we see vehicles parked without any decals.

It is beyond ridiculous for those who pay to park in the proper spot are being penalized.

The efforts to fix these transgressions have not been vamped up in the least.

Every year we hear empty threats of how cars will be towed, but nothing happens.

Those who habitually abuse the system are only slapped on the wrist, like a child reaching for a warm plate of cookies.

In the 2012-2013 edition of the Vehicle Rules & Regulations pamphlet, it states that “driving or parking on the grass, walkways or shoulders of the road is prohibited.”

Seems clear enough, so why do we see it almost every day?

Campus police has a three-strike system when it comes to parking in an improper way.

Maybe it is time to set an example and start towing these a cars that are parked illegally.

Not only is it a pain the neck, but it’s also a massive eyesore.

Unless better measures are taken to handle the situation, the abuse of privilege will continue.

Full-time students’ $60 will go to waste, and the part-time students will be out $24.

Some times you have to be the “bad person” with those big kid pants and set the record straight.

For a campus that is building towards the future, it looks as the parking issue is falling back into to the stone age.

Corey Sanchez

Communications major Corey Sanchez served as The Highland Cavalier's opinion editor and assistant sports editor for the 2012-2013 academic year. He previously served as a staff writer.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: Campus parking pains persist

  1. As an alumus I still find it ridiculous that people aren’t towed. There are plenty of spots for people to park in, its just that since its not right outside their door they refuse to park there. Tow all the illegally parked cars. All day, every time. It may anger some people, but it sets a precedent. No one who is legally parked should be trapped in by someone who is illegally parked.

  2. As an alumni I don’t consider illegal parking to be an eyesore. I’m not even sure a guest would consider it as such. As a former student, I consider it a reflex of an inadequate parking situation on campus. With the amount of money that UVa-Wise spends on capital improvements it has always made little sense to me that a good portion of parking on campus is in the dilapidated upper campus lot or the gravel lot across from McCrary. The more the college populates toward the inside of campus the less opportunities there are to fix the parking situation in the future. As such, I think it’s hard for the college to justify heavy handed punishments for parking when they’re certainly aware there’s not enough parking to begin with.

    Roughly $120,000 in parking fees is going somewhere. I don’t pretend to know where but it would be nice if some of that went back to the students in the form of grading and asphalt. Then perhaps the problem would solve itself.

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