Movie Review: ‘Warm Bodies’

13 Feb , 2013  

A classic tale of forbidden love and zombies.

“Warm Bodies” is about a zombie named R that rescues and falls in love with human Julie. As their bond grows, R begins to regain human-like characteristics and ultimately begins to inspire other zombies to become more humanlike. 

Nicolas Hoult in 'Warm Bodies.'  Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Nicolas Hoult in ‘Warm Bodies.’ Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The problem is that Julie’s father, who is in charge of a city of survivors, does not believe zombies can change and is ruthless in killing them. Plus, a faction of zombies does not wish for zombies to become human-like and are hunting down R and Julie.

This is far from the traditional zombie movie, which is refreshing given how crowded the genre has become.

The film has some good humor and a really unique charm to it that most viewers will really enjoy. One scene shows Julie speaking to R from her balcony, very reminiscent of “Romeo and Juliet.” Another example is the awkward stumbling block of R having eaten Julie’s boyfriend.

Nicholas Holt (“X-Men: First Class”) does a fantastic job as R and gets the audience to care about a zombie. In addition, expressing emotion in a creature that does not express emotion is a testament to his ability.

Teresa Palmer (“I am Number Four”) is a real treat in this film, with the same ability to portray falling in love with something that a person would never fall in love with.

This movie certainly has a few flaws, with the CGI being adequate ten years ago. There are also some story points that just don’t make sense, but nothing that really damages the film.

“Warm Bodies” is ultimately a really good film and a pleasant surprise.

A word of caution – if the zombie apocalypse ever does occur, it’s probably best to stick with the guns and not z-date.com.

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