Ask Miss Cindy: Exercising aches, flirting pains

Dear Miss Cindy, 

I signed up for an aerobics class and it was a mistake! So I dropped it. What should I do to relieve my muscle aches and pains? 


Ask Miss Cindy
Ask Miss Cindy

Dear Ouch,

There are two alternative solutions to your dilemma.

Number one, go back and keep working out. It gets easier.

Number two is “time heals all wounds.” Just take it easy for a while. Your muscles are in distress, but they will eventually heal themselves.

I wish you would go for the first one. A body in motion stays in motion; a body at rest stays at rest.

My philosophy is to never give up. When you get a chance, I want you to watch the movie “Facing the Giants.” Aerobics seems to be one of your giants right now.

Oh, I almost forgot! Buy a tube of liniment and follow the instructions for almost instant relief (hopefully).


Miss Cindy

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Miss Cindy, 

I recently met a boy and we’ve been texting for a while. 

I’ve noticed that he’s becoming increasingly flirty and said some things that hint that he wants to be more than friends. 

I’m not interested, so how can I let him down easy without losing my friend? 


Keep it Platonic 

Dear Platonic,

Honesty is a funny thing.

It tends to have a boomerang effect and what comes back to you is trust and respect.

A friend who is truly a friend will always admire you for being honest. Just remember that once you project honesty, your friends will always expect it out of you.

Tell your friend that you are not interested in a flirtatious relationship at this time.

In other words, “Look dude, I just want to be friends.”

If he sticks around, he’s a true friend. If he doesn’t, “oh well.”

Chances are he’ll be your friend for a long time.

-Miss Cindy

P.S. Tell your friend that if he wants someone to flirt with, he can come on up to the Caf.

I flirt with everybody.

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