Fire sheet policy changes

Residents who live on campus no longer have to sign fire sheets on the back of their room doors. 

Students were previously required to sign a sheet once a week confirming that the smoke detectors in their room were functional and that a fire extinguisher was nearby. They could be fined or face judicial charges otherwise.

Angie Lemke, the college’s director of residence life, said the majority of residence halls on campus now have centrally-operated electronic fire systems that make the need to check individual smoke detectors unnecessary.

Lemke said the change also puts UVa- Wise in line with the policies of UVa-Charlottesville, which she said doesn’t require residents to sign such a fire sheet.

Residence life officials still encourage students to check that smoke detectors in their rooms are working

Jordan Fifer

Interdisciplinary studies major Jordan Fifer served as The Highland Cavalier's editor-in-chief and online editor in the 2012-2013 academic year. He previously served as staff writer, news editor and photo editor.

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