Adviser approval needed to register for classes

A recent email sent to students outlined advising changes set to start this semester, but those who deleted it without reading it may have a few problems signing up for next semester’s classes.

The Jan. 16 email from Provost Sanders Huguenin said that, beginning in March, students must be approved for enrollment by their adviser before they can sign up for classes.

The change, said Huguenin, was made to keep some students from missing classes that they need for graduation, which could delay their degree and lead to another semester of time and money.

“We have students who are not being advised and they’re coming up to the spring and they need a course that’s only offered in the fall,” Huguenin said. “Every semester there’s someone that needs a class that was offered in the fall or they’re out of sequence.”

Advisers must check a box on the online portal before the system will allow students to select classes for the next semester.

Students are assigned an adviser when they declare a major. Freshmen who have not declared a major are advised by their freshman seminar instructors and undeclared upperclassmen can be advised by Academic Advising on the first floor of Crockett Hall.

The college required adviser approval of registration prior to the implementation of the electronic registration system, said Huguenin, and the new guidelines are typical of smaller colleges where course offerings are not as frequent.

While the change has been implemented to help students, there is some concern that students won’t get the message, said Huguenin.

“It’s not a big deal for most,” he said. “My concern is that we want to make sure students know so there’s not somebody who says ‘I definitely am going to sign up on the first day’ and get what they want and they don’t realize they have to go see their advisor.”

In an attempt to get the word out to everyone, students can expect advertisements and emails over the course of the next couple of months in anticipation of fall registration.

Any students unsure of what the change means or who their adviser is should visit The Office of the Registrar in Crockett Hall.

Todd Galyean

Senior political science major Todd Galyean served as editor-in-chief for The Highland Cavalier for the fall semester of 2013. He previously served as new/features editor and opinion editor.

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