College to form lacrosse team

UVa-Wise officials hope to start a women’s lacrosse team by next year in line with the athletic department’s strategic plan as they move into the NCAA and attract new talent.

Ten students have shown interest so far, said Associate Athletic Director Kendall Rainey. The real interest, though, may come from outside the college.

“We hope to appeal to students across Virginia, as lacrosse is popular in the northern and central regions and emerging [in the] southwest,” she said.

Rainey said the athletic department hopes to search for and hire a head coach in the spring, and start a club season by the 2013-2014 year.

If all goes according to plan, the team could play in varsity competition by the 2014-2015 season in time for the school’s planned entrance into the NCAA’s Division II in 2015.

“This is an exciting time for UVa-Wise athletics as we continue to grow opportunities for students,” she said. “Our goal is for UVa-Wise to be in the conversation for potential students across the state, and exploring women’s lacrosse is a step in the that process.”

Women interested in joining the team can contact Rainey at or 276-376-4584.

Meanwhile, sophomore criminal justice major Joe Kostelac hopes to form a lacrosse club on campus with the goal of developing it into a men’s lacrosse team some day.

Kostelac said he’s had one meeting and about 17 people express interest in joining the student group, which would not be associated with the athletic department.

“This all got started when I got tired of throwing the lacrosse ball against the wall and realized that there were a lot of people who were curious about the sport,” he said. “A lot of people were interested in the rules and how to throw and what exactly lacrosse was.”

Kostelac said he has a few extra lacrosse sticks of his own and hopes to acquire a few more over winter break for the group to use.

Students interested in joining the group can contact Kostelac at

Jordan Fifer

Interdisciplinary studies major Jordan Fifer served as The Highland Cavalier's editor-in-chief and online editor in the 2012-2013 academic year. He previously served as staff writer, news editor and photo editor.

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One thought on “College to form lacrosse team

  1. Membership requirements of acceptance, and to meet compliance of association into the NCAA Division II sets forth that institutions are required to offer a minimum of 10 sports; with five for men/five for women or four for men/six for women with a minimum that there must be at least two team sports for men and two for women.

    This addition of women’s lacrosse is in step with the institution’s (UVA Wise) goal of reaching proportionality i.e. prong one for title IX compliance. The first step in reaching the mandated compliance in meeting the compliance was the adoption of a women’s gold team in 2012.

    With meeting compliance, also comes new costs that must be met (new expenses). Along with a new athletic offering comes with it new staffing requirements that are needed to operate the associated ports program. In this case, new coaches and assistants (as well as equipment, uniforms, facilities, fields and maintenance).

    In the WVAIC conference (which is which UVA Wise will be competing in once accepted fully into NCAA Division II) the average number of staff hires (the number of coaches aggregated at other NCAA Division II in the WVAIC conference) is .9 coaches for women’s golf and 1.6 coaches for women’s lacrosse in addition to .4 assistants.

    The average salary of these positions is as follows:
    -Women’s golf head coach $9,376 (part time)
    -Women’s lacrosse head coach $39,296 (full time)
    *$17,757 for an assistant coach
    *$5,015 for an additional assistant coach (part time)

    These salaries are derived from the average paid out by Division II participating athletic programs.

    Apart from title IX compliance stipulations there are as well financial aid requirements the institution is obligated to meet in order to participate in NCAA Division II; Uva wise meets two of the required three financial aid requirements, one in which entails $615,705 in athletically related student aid, with $204,864 in women’s sports.

    These are the results of movements made by the institution to move towards adoption of NCAA Division II requirements. If Uva wise joins the WVIAC the current sports budget will increase from $275,249 to $400,416 which is an increase of approximately $125,000 over the five year period (2012-2016).

    In terms of new administrative personnel, the institution was to hire a full time compliance officer with an annual salary of $30,493. The administrative salaries of the athletic department account for $484,495 (salary and benefits) annually for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

    Overall, the salaries would increase from $484,495 to $543,909 over the five year period (2011-2015)due to the additional administrative related positions.

    Uva wise athletics operates as a self sustaining entity, that means its operational expenses are not met or subsidized by either state support of collected revenues derived from tuition. This means the majority of the athletic departments operational base is derived from ticket sales, gifts and private contributions; however, these means of revenue are not sufficient to meet the operational cost of the program.

    To meet these costs the institution turns to an athletic fee in which all full time students must pay in order to attend the university…this fee is buried within what is labeled as the student activity. The athletic fee itself accounts for $ $1,098.66 (2011-2012) and increase of 9% from the previous year; in addition with the beginning of the 2011-2012 year, a student now pays a $90.55 scholarship fee which is solely used to fund collegiate athletic scholarships…irregardless if you yourself are getting a scholarship or if you are an collegiate athlete. This fee was created to solely to meet the financial aid qualifications outset by the NCAA to meet compliance to participate and gain acceptance to Division II.

    From academic year 2010-2011 you saw an increase in your annual tuition rate to a tune of 8.5% Direct instruction (how you are educated, your professors, your classrooms) saw a -11.5% reduction and research and public service saw a -22.6% reduction. Athletics however saw an 43% increase in it’s departmental budget.

    While from a normative perspective it is great to see more athletic offerings for women, it is disheartening to see that it comes with an ingrained cost that must be born by a greater proportion of individuals than it may benefit (from a utilitarian perspective; John Rawls is the most well regarded in terms of that philosophy).

    The fact that 62% of the of the annual operating budget (2011-2012) for the athletic department was derived solely from mandatory fess imposed on students it is hard to justify the expansion of athletic offerings which only yield greater costs which undoubtedly will fall on that of parents and students.

    With student borrowing reaching unprecedented highs (now surpassing house hold debt) and 58% of students now graduating with some form of debt and well over $20,000 in loans it is hard to imagine where Uva wise holds students long term interests.

    If Uva wise was not a state supported institution then perhaps this would not be such an area of contention. Carroll Dale, former NFL Green Bay Packer, who leads the athletic development efforts stated “Many people do not realize that state-supported colleges and universities in Virginia are not allowed to use tuition dollars to fund athletics.” Well he is partially right, because it is students (more precisely the parents that are invariably paying actual state dollars to pay for the athletic program) and to an even greater extent tax payers from across the nation whose tax revenue collections are used to extend federal loan programs and pell grants; these funds to not discriminate and do in fact pay for and support athletics via tax payer dollars.

    Whether that is appropriate or not is a much broader discussion than this topic could possible address.

    In summation, a great announcement for women’s athletics but expect to be paying more for your years at Uva wise for the years to come.

    (The data and figures provided in this were pulled from Collegiate Consulting’s NCAA Division II Feasibility Study for The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, November 11 2011)

    For more information regarding annual salary of administrators and professors at Uva wise check out The Richmond Times Dispatch Salaries of Virginia state employees 2011 results:

    Interested in finding out what other fees you pay for that you may not know about?

    Then check out The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Tuition and fee Report:

    The Virginia Pilot did a story in May of 2011 that discussed the difficulty in locating “hidden fees” and that students and parents didn’t even know they were paying rather high fees for services that survey respondents didn’t even know about despite state law that requires that state supported colleges and universities disclose these fees:


    Graduate of The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, Class of 2011 and Masters of Public Administration and Policy Candidate at the center for public administration and policy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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