Winter grads: don’t complain; rejoice that it’s over

14 Nov , 2012  

Graduation is something every college student looks forward to, whether they are graduating on time, earlier than anticipated or a few semesters later. 

As I was waiting to have my graduation meeting earlier this semester, I overheard some students who are graduating on Dec. 7 talk about how they are a little disappointed to only have a small ceremony rather than the whole shebang that comes with the traditional graduation ceremony.

There are other schools that give students graduating early an actual graduation ceremony and there are some, like UVa-Wise, that give us a “recognition day” and allow us to walk in May.

What some people are wondering is why they put in the extra effort to graduate a semester early if they have to wait to walk.

My response to this is that I understand their views since I’m graduating in December, but I also know that to set up two graduations is probably not worth it for the college since there aren’t that many people who graduate a semester early.

At least early graduates get recognition for putting in the extra effort to graduate early and move on to the real world or to graduate school.

Think about how you would feel if you didn’t get the recognition day and just had to wait to walk in May.

Now, take in a deep breath, congratulate yourself and be proud of your hard work.

Graduation isn’t something you should stress about when you get to it; it should be something that you look forward to.

I know I’m pretty pleased that I get to have a recognition day in December and walk in May. Perhaps that’s the way you should look at it, too.

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