Freshman seminar modified for fall

The freshman seminar program has been modified to better fit the needs of students, beginning with this fall’s freshman class, according to Elizabeth Steele, coordinator for advising, attention and assessment.

Rather than all incoming students classified as freshmen being required to take two semesters of seminar, freshmen are now to take one semester, which will focus on developing the skills necessary to excel in an academic environment, including time management and note-taking.

Freshmen considered provisionally admitted, meaning they may have more hardships adapting and succeeding in college than other first-year students, will be required to take two semesters of seminar. This will assist them in developing adequate skills and may help them stay in school until graduation, said Steele.

Those entering students who bring 15 or more dual-enrollment hours with a GPA of 3.5 or higher will have the seminar requirement waived.

“Research has shown us that a high percentage of these students tend to do quite well and persist with a good GPA,” Steele said. “Often, they have already decided upon a specific major and need less time to acclimatize and pick a career. Thus we will be able to get these students directly into their majors and to advisors in the department and provide skills-specific advice to students who might profit from it more.”

Students who are not required to take seminar and have declared a major will be assigned an adviser in their chosen department and escorted to a meeting with that faculty member during the first week of classes, said Steele. Those students who are undecided about their major will be advised by the Advising Office.

Resources will be provided by the Advising Office and available online for each of these students and their advisers as well.

Jessica Shartouny

Biology major Jessica Shartouny served as The Highland Cavalier's managing editor for the 2012-2013 academic year. She previously served as copy editor and editor-in-chief.

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