Snow shuts down campus for a day

The two words students want to hear most after flurries start to stick: snow day.

Sophomore education major Tasha Trent digs her car out after the snowfall Monday morning. Photo by Jessica Shartouny

On Feb. 20, UVa-Wise had its first snow day of the year.

Hazardous roads and the threat of power outages pushed Provost Sanders Huguenin to cancel classes on Monday.

As students watched the snow build up and anxiously wondered whether they needed to do their homework, Huguenin was busy evaluating a number of factors.

Photo by Jessilynn Strauss

Campus Police advised the Provost to cancel school as early as possible because local homes were losing power, which could have led to students being unable to check whether the college closed if it were announced later in the evening or early morning. This possibility prompted Huguenin to cancel class early Sunday evening.

With classes canceled and no way of leaving campus, many residential students organized snowball fights and movie nights with friends.

A number of students, however, were stuck on the roads or at home.

Campus Police Officer Nichole Davis was called to rescue two students on Sunday night.

Photo by Brie Walker

They were stuck on area roads and had to abandon their vehicles and return to campus with Davis.

Senior government majors James Tiffany and Brad Graboyes were caught in the storm while driving from Virginia Tech Sunday afternoon.

Interstate-81 became too dangerous to continue driving, so Tiffany and Graboyes spent the night in a hotel just off the interstate. Graboyes said,

“The worst part was driving through the snow and we ended  up stuck in Fort Chizwell,” said Graboyes. “The best part was that I was with my best friend.”

Much of the snow melted on Monday, though patches remained along curbs and in shaded areas for the rest of the week.

Road conditions improved in the local area and normal activity resumed on Tuesday.

Weather reports say more flurries are expected for this weekend, but only time will tell if that means another snow day.

Photo by Aadil Shafiq

Kate DiRosa

Nursing major Kate DiRosa served as a staff writer for The Highland Cavalier.

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