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Submitted by Jared Taylor

On Oct. 28, “The Highland Cavalier” published an editorial claiming that the positions held by my organization, the New Century Foundation, are “ignorant” because we find racial diversity to be a weakness for the United States and not a strength. I suspect that many on the UVa-Wise campus share the Cavalier’s indignation that anyone could question current orthodoxies. After all, from the President of the United States on down, we always hear that diversity is our strength—perhaps even America’s greatest strength.

And yet, as of Nov. 3, there were 30 online comments to your editorial, and virtually all agreed with us rather than you. Clearly, there is a substantial point of view that is seldom heard on campus, and I believe UVa-Wise would benefit from further discussion. I propose a public debate between myself and any faculty member on the following question: “Is diversity a strength for America?”

The affirmative position is so widely proclaimed that surely someone on campus will defend it. If my opinions are as “ignorant” as your editorial claims, they should be easy to refute. I look forward to a lively exchange. If none is forthcoming—if no one steps forward to defend orthodoxy—some may conclude that those who profess to love diversity have no stomach for the diversity that matters most: a diversity of opinions.

Taylor is president of the New Century Foundation in Oakton, Va.

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  1. While I would attend any debate in which this issue was discussed, I fear that the faculty of this school are far too conservative to allow this kind of debate to happen. They can’t risk the repercussions of re-inforcing viewpoints that cause conflict among the student body. Being against diversity is viewed as the equivalent of racism, and that is something the faculty won’t risk.

  2. Jared’s proposal will not be taken up. As they know he would easily win the debate. Jared has the truth and pure logic on his side. Hard to counter that.

  3. I am not a faculty member, but I would be happy to debate the issue by online correspondence, either here or on any uncensored forum.

    To begin, I would simply invite everyone to look at the demographics of the opposition to the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Ethnic minorities are consistently more likely to have opposed or least been skeptical of the invasions from the very beginning. It would not be unreasonable to speculate that a more ethnically diverse US could have, by popular opinion, altogether avoided these wars which more and more white people only retrospectively realize were unjustified.

    I would generalize this observation to further speculate that a more diverse US would have a foreign policy much less inclined to economic and military aggression of any kind, in particular much less inclined to support Israel. On this note, I question in whose interests Mr Taylor is actually working by trying to persuade us that diversity is not a strength?

  4. Why not have the debate?

    What are the Highland Cavaliers afraid of?

    If they really did value diversity they wouldn’t be so afraid of a different viewpoint.

  5. Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.
    Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.
    They are already 100% diverse.
    People are only telling white children in white countries that they need diversity.
    White Countries will be 100% diverse when there are no white people left.
    Diversity is a code-word for white genocide.

  6. Jared Taylor graduated from Yale in 1973 with a BA in Philosophy, and graduated from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) in 1978 with a MA in International economics. He has also worked in west Africa, and has traveled the extensively. In addition to English, Taylor speaks perfect Japanese and French. Taylor may be many things, but “ignorant” is not one of them.
    Of course, ritual defamation of one’s philosophical opponents is always easier than serious intellectual debate.
    My prediction: no defender of “diversity” at UVa-Wise will pick up the gauntlet and actually debate Taylor. Even if some professor did accept the challenge, the campus left will shows it true totalitarian colors by shouting down or otherwise shutting down the debate.
    No debate will take place.

  7. Way to go Jared Taylor! Enough of this nonsense. So tired of our government finding new ways to reward specific groups based on skin color. At the college I attend they are celebrating a recent report that less White people are attending and more Hispanic. With more and more gov. funded (my tax dollars)programs catering to this group of course there will be a shift in attendance. Our government is essentially choosing which racial groups they want to succeed. How is this fair?

  8. Diversity isn’t a strenght. Simple as that. You have no evidence to support your claim other then repeating your mantra. Hou have a house divided and you say this is a good thing. Since when? Face it with reality. Unity is strenght. Don’t be ignorant. Question your dogma! Be open to different opinions.

  9. Literally MILLIONS of words have been written about this in the last 50 years. There is not a sentient being who doesn’t KNOW the difference among all races of people (mental and physical). There is nobody, in the privacy of their own home, who doesn’t know the difference in IQ, crime rates, culture, ad infinitum among all the races.

    But since ca. 1965, something happened to (some) European Americans (aka, ‘white’ people). Some genetic mutation; some overwhelming (undeserved) self-guilt and self-loathing; some alien force. Something. This caused some white people to develop into what is known as leftists (substitute whatever word you like). They took over academia, the media, the judiciary, entertainment and some parts of various churches and religions.

    Once there, you HAD to toe the line or else you’d be called a “racist.” And being called a “racist” (or “sexist” or “homophobe” or any other ‘-ist’ or ‘-ic’ word) is the equivalent of being called a “communist” in the 50s. You lost your faux moral standing; you were ostracized; you were fired; your family might leave you; etc., etc.

    THAT is why every single one of your ‘professors’ in this school and every other school in the nation, HAS to grovel before the almighty ‘diversity god,’ when they know full well that it’s been a complete and utter failure for half a century, in spite of Trillions of dollars of OUR money handed over to THEM – and are they better off now? NO? They’re even worse off. Don’t believe me? Ask black writers like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and others who know exactly what it used to be like.

    I could go on forever, but the bottom line is that I’ll bet not one ‘professor’ has the guts to face Jared Taylor and ‘The Truth.’ Why not? Because that non-existent ‘professor’ already knows ‘The Truth.’ He just can’t say it out loud. It kills him to even THINK about it. So he grovels more to exorcise those demons and to show the world how morally superior he thinks he is to all of ‘US.’

    (I will give props to this paper for even running this Letter to the Editor and for allowing opposing viewpoints. That alone shows there MIGHT be a tiny glimmer of hope.)

  10. Well said Mr Taylor. The irony of course is that those who called your views ignorant, are no doubt ignorant of the findings of Harvard Professor Robert Putman.

    “Putnam told us he had been fairly certain the correlation would go away once other factors were taken into account. But it didn’t. He entered a long list of control variables into regression analyses that predict elements of social capital such as neighborly trust and civic participation. Many factors—especially younger age, less education, and higher poverty and crime rates—seem to damage community relations. But none of these factors could explain the robust, negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social capital. Sounding almost defeated, Putnam told us that ethnic diversity is not merely correlated with certain community problems—it causes them.”


  11. Diversity is a strength is the biggest lie that is pushed on the native people.

    Diversity, everywhere in the world causes war and poverty.

    Diversity is a weakness. Stop diversity now!

  12. Jason,
    The research has already been done by Robert Putnam of Harvard University and the results clearly show that diversity does have measurable consequences which are almost exclusively negative. Dr. Putnam was so upset by his findings that he sat on the research for years before publishing it and did so only after he had developed apologies for his findings. I would welcome Jared Taylor to UVa-Wise to debate the empirical evidence which supports the downside of diversity.



  13. yeah i suspect that the multi-culti group actually realizes that their beliefs hold no merit and that they have no evidence to support what they claim. Therefore, they will not agree to a debate where each side will be able to dispassionately state their case.

  14. Though I would be very impressed if UVA faculty agreed to Mr. Taylor’s debate proposal, I’m not holding my breath. It has been my experience that the Political Correctness at work here operates in a moral rather than rational mode.

    Imagine for a moment that a jerk tells a man his wife looks like a pig. Objectively speaking, the jerk may be right; the wife may be homely and obese. But it really doesn’t matter. The jerk is a jerk because he broke a powerful social taboo, and a good one at that.

    Those who break PC taboos are viewed in the same light by the politically correct. The question is whether the politically correct are willing to examine whether the taboos they attempt to impose on others are salutary, or even rational.

    The only group that ever asked whether they held power legitimately were the WASPS from whom the PC set took over the country. I don’t expect the PC set to relinquish their power so easily, and debate would have just that effect.

  15. Mr. Taylor has asked the question no proponent of diversity-as-strength appears able to answer:

    “If diversity is such a strength I wonder why it has to be ‘managed,’ why there are ‘challenges,’ and why it takes ‘champions of the workplace’ to make it work. … Why does something that is a great strength require workshops?”

    If diversity is a strength or has positives that outweigh the negatives, forcing it by means of AA, for instance, wouldn’t be required. People would naturally recognize the benefits and create diverse environments without needing to be forced into creating them. The laws, workshops, training, etc. exist only because those who push diversity know people would not otherwise, without being cajoled and lied to, partake in it.

  16. If diversity were a strength there would be real concrete things we could measure to prove it is a strength. I’m not a racist, but the article got me thinking, “What does racial diversity do”? Does it increase crop yields? Lower inflation? Reduce the national debt? Does it reduce greenhouse gasses? Does it reduce the crime rate? Increase SAT scores? Please if you will, compare and contrast hundreds of cities with varying levels of racial diversity, and show me how there is a concrete benefit that we can correlate with racial diversity. On a scale ranging from cities with little diversity, to cities with high levels of diversity, please show me what specific social benefits there are with real numbers (e.g. crime rate, unemployment rate, etc …). I suspect the findings would actually show there is a NEGATIVE benefit.

  17. If UVA-Wise did let Mr. Taylor speak, I’m sure the student body would raise a ruckus as they can’t accept the truth. mark my words, as soon as the students graduate, and get a job, they will live among people that look like themselves! Go Jared go!

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