Ignorant viewpoints shouldn’t be ignored

By The Highland Cavalier
Editorial Board

Today we published a potentially controversial advertisement. The ad, on page 5, says simply, “Is diversity a strength? We think not. For an alternative view: www.AmRen.com.”

The ad was paid for by the New Century Foundation, a nonprofit organization that publishes the monthly magazine American Renaissance. The website mentioned in the ad is for the magazine.

Both the organization and publication are, by any objective standard, representative of a white supremacist viewpoint.

As an editorial board, we debated whether or not to accept and publish New Century’s ad. The content of the ad is not inappropriate itself, we thought. And we do have advertising guidelines that clearly say we reserve the right to refuse any ad.

But should we?

We vehemently disagree with New Century’s cause. Diversity is a strength. Our nation, our community and our college are all built on it. We believe the organization’s beliefs are incorrect and even crude. They are, and certainly should be, unpopular.

The question we asked ourselves, then, was: Should opinions be rejected merely because they’re unpopular? If we brush ugly views to the side and don’t discuss what makes them wrong, how do we learn from them?

In the end, most of us felt that hiding New Century’s ad because it espouses white supremacist views doesn’t serve our purpose, which is in part to serve as a conduit for discussion of issues that affect us as a college community.

We’re not sure we have the right answer, and we didn’t all agree with the decision to publish the ad and write this editorial. We could have just as easily rejected New Century’s advertisement and moved on. The $80 and change we charged for the ad is not essential to our budget.

Ultimately we published the advertisement, but decided to donate the money New Century will pay us to the Virginia chapter of the NAACP.

We encourage you to visit amren.com and read what the group has to say. Discuss it with your peers, professors and others in the community. Talk about how it makes you feel and think about why diversity is a strength.

As always, feel free to contact us or write a letter to the editor with your comments and critiques of our decision. Maybe we weren’t right, but hopefully we got people thinking.

39 thoughts on “Ignorant viewpoints shouldn’t be ignored

  1. #orientals
    OMG Engleman… have you been cryogenically frozen or something, it is not the 1950s.

    All of that “race realism” theory hate you are puking is bs drudged up to champion a shift selective immigration polity in the early to mid 1900s and before that, generated to justify imperialism in the 18th and mid 19th century.

    My generation is done with the ignorance and hate of your generation
    I love you John Engleman, no 48 after com.

    This entire comment section makes my head spin. There is so much hate and it’s really quite hard not to respond in kind. Maybe one day we’ll evolve… they say it takes love, but who has the time for that?

  2. Like “racism,” “diversity” needs to be defined before we can evaluate it.

    I am fascinated by other cultures, including paleolithic cultures that survived into the twentieth century. I like ethnic restaurants, ethnic stores, ethnic festivals, ethnic this and ethnic that. Nevertheless, I want that kind of diversity to be voluntary.

    I do not value the hip hop ghetto culture. Sorry. I just don’t. I do not want to have the government force that culture and those people onto me.

    The other kind of diversity I think has value is diversity based on merit. Successful high tech companies hire people from all over the world. They do not care about race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin. However, they do care about personal merit. One probably needs a genius level IQ in order to get an entry level position in a company like Microsoft or Google.

    I am strongly against affirmative action. I see no point in lowering standards for low performance minorities in order to have a work force or a student body that “looks like America.”

    American Renaissance has been mentioned in this thread. I would like to recommend American Renaissance. It is not a white supremacist website. It is a race realist website.

    Race realism is not a movement. It is a scientific theory. Race realists believe that race is an important biological category, that the races differ significantly in average ability levels and behavior, and that these differences are the result of evolving in response to different population pressures for hundreds and thousands of years.

    Think about it. Imagine two large groups of people. In one group men who kill the most enemies in war have the most descendents. In the other group the best students have the most descendents.

    It should be obvious that after a period of many generations these two groups will have different average aptitudes and collective personalities. That is how different races have evolved.

    Civilization selects for civilized people. Intelligent men become merchants, scribes, government officials, artists, and so on. They become more prosperous than unintelligent men who become laborers. They have more children who survive and reproduce.

    While this is happening, the criminal justice systems of civilized countries removes those with criminal inclinations from the breeding population.

    This is why Orientals tend to be intelligent and law abiding.

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  4. American Rennaisance is white supremacist and the NAACP is a civil rights group…? The anti-white bias here is revolting.

  5. Steven, do you realize the 3/5 compromise was written because there were so many Africans in the south? The white majority was only a preference for power, not population, which sounds like being supreme over all other groups.

  6. I am a black woman who is married to a white man. We have two beautiful children together. I am in no way anti-white. Diversity is a strength. If separating people according to race works out so well, American Indians would be thriving. True evolution can only happen with diversity, because you have to have desired traits before you can naturally select the best ones. Not to mention, America is a melting pot. There is a reason that Hitler referred to us as a “nation of mongrels.” By the way, White Americans are not White, especially if you believe in the one drop rule. Minorities have made notable contributions in all areas of society. Look up who wrote the hymns you sing in church.
    By the way, comparing pro-minority groups with pro-white groups is faulty. Pro-minority groups are only looking for equality and being judged on an individual basis, not trying to indoctrinate ethnocentrism.

  7. I applaud your decision to publish the AmRen advertisement. I also agree that every one of your readers should visit AmRen’s web page to see for themselves whether this website is “white supremacist”. There is a term for doing otherwise: prejudice.

  8. I commend your decision to print ideas that you don’t agree with. Only the cowards refuse to let ALL ideas be heard. And that my friends is why we are in the shape we’re in. If everyone is afforded an equal chance and not a guaranteed an equal outcome then that is true freedom. All other groups are encouraged to seek identity except Whites. I think that is changing. Pay attention.

  9. I disagree that White people finally standing up for themselves and their people constitutes “supremacy” over other races. In fact, it should be crystal-clear to any objective reader that your assertion that it would constitutes an “arrogance” towards White people. You are essentially implying that pro-Black/Hispanic/Asian views are perfectly acceptable but views of a pro-White stance are “ugly”.

    Hopefully, the younger generation currently enrolled in college will see the hypocrisy in your way of thinking and realize that you are not so much in the business of teaching them “how” to think but rather “what” to think.

  10. Political correctness and its main tenant “diversity” is no more than a sect or cult. And just like a cult or sect it gains adherence by a process of brainwashing and mind control, as was the case of the Heaven’s Gate cult and the Jonestown sect of Jim Jones, to name only two of what probably amounts to thousands just over the last few years.

    Conformity to both sects was a necessity, and objective thoughts and opinions were not allowed. In the case of the Heaven’s Gate cult, they were convinced through a process of repetitious brainwashing that their mother ship would be arriving via the fiery tail of the Hale-Bopp Comet. The Jonestown cult, led by Jim Jones programmed its adherents to believe they were being persecuted by US authorities and other outside influences that sought to destroy them and their supposed community located in Guyana.

    So convinced were members in both cults they committed suicide. The Heaven’s gate cult killed themselves when the mother ship didn’t arrive to take them to Jupiter. The Jonestown cult killed themselves, because they were ordered to drink cyanide-laced kool aid. They were told US authorities were coming to destroy their community in Guyana, and there was no way out.

    The leaders and true believers of both cults hammered their members day and night to accept their particular brand of ideology, until they were so overwhelmed they could think neither clearly nor objectively. You know, like the hammering we all receive all our lives to accept diversity and political correctness by the schools, the press, Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry, that depict EXACTLY the opposite of reality.

    Or how about: “We encourage you to visit Amren.com and read what the group has to say. Discuss it with your peers, professors and others in the community. Talk about how it makes you feel and think about why diversity is a strength.” Yes, yes, yes, above all “think about why diversity is a strength.” Because if you depart from that thought at all you’re a white supremacist and a hater. You’ll be ostracized and vilified.

    As George Orwell told us in 1984: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” In “1984” Miles Obrien had to torture Winston Smith and hammer him with a constant barrage of repetitious propaganda in order to get him to accept the lie that he saw five fingers while Obrien was holding up only four. The torturous brainwashing today is much slower and more benign as it comes via repetition from the organs of communications, the schools, etc. but it is nonetheless VERY effective.

    What I would like the people here to do is to compare some of the tenants of various cults with the teachings of diversity, and read the quotes from George Orwell’s 1984 and see how easy it is to spot the same kind of propaganda and brainwashing used in those sources with what is used today by the politically correct agenda-driven people who want you to think as they do, because they have been programed with the same process they are using on you, and they are ABSOLUTELY convinced theirs is the true way. They’re TRUE BELIEVERS.

    They want you to drink the same kool aid they’ve been drinking all their lives.

  11. I just visited the campus of the college I attended 30 years ago.Back then it was swarming with people without color. A very non-diverse place. It seemed to be a pretty safe place back then.Today it is wonderfully diverse complete with an armed policeman guarding the on campus bookstore. I also noticed plenty of panic buttons now. Funny none of the off campus bookstores seem to have need for armed policemen to guard against diversity.

  12. How exactly do you, the Highland Cavalier
    Editorial Board, define “ignorant” when it comes to matters of race and ethnicity? It appears your definition of “ignorant” relies SOLELY on the idea that European Americans are finally beginning to flex some badly needed identity and cohesiveness.Attention white students: It is neither immoral or illegal to love your race–no matter who doesn’t like it.

  13. Diversity is divisive.

    As far as America being a melting pot…here’s a quote by an English Jew: “America is God’s crucible, the great Melting Pot where all the races of Europe are melting [and] reforming!”

    No mention of Asia or Africa!

  14. White people are a global minority yet so-called “anti-racists” say we must accept ever-smaller numbers of whites in existence via mass non-white immigration and enforced “assimilation” for every white country and ONLY white countries!

    The genocidal intent is obvious.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  15. Can the author of this piece please provide an example of a city in the USA which people consider superior due to it having a racially diverse population? Rather than simply asserting that diversity is our strength, please explain how it is and show us examples. Also, why isn’t the author moving to one of these more diverse cities if it is such a strength?

  16. The fact that diversity is such an obvious weakness to any society brings immediately to mind the question of who is behind this diversity rubbish and why do they want to destroy America.

    And for heaven’s sake why is recognizing the achievements and uniqueness of the White race called race supremacy?

  17. I’m feeling bad about my condescension in calling you “kiddies.” You did run Amren’s ad, and you’re allowing comments that disagree with your viewpoint. Good for you!

    The U.S. has more freedom of speech than any other White country. In Europe people have spent years in jail just for offering historical opinions:


    The same groups that have curtailed freedom of speech in Europe, Australia, and Canada are working very hard to accomplish the same thing here, through “hate crime” legislation that they hope to then step up to “hate speech” legislation.

    Freedom of speech is the freedom that guards all our other freedoms.

    So hang tough when school resumes tomorrow and faculty and administration may pressure you to remove these comments! That’s what usually happens, and it often succeeds. Be a patriot, and be a Virginian!

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  18. African countries for Africans.
    Asian countries for Asians.
    Israel for Jews or you’re an anti-semite!
    White countries for everyone or you’re a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionje­­ws!

  19. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


  20. After reading their website, I would hardly classify this group as a white supremacist group. It seems to mean that this group is finally fed up with non-white races/cultures getting offended every time a white person pokes fun at something or takes issue with the forced diversity in America. At the same time these non-white races/cultures feel that it is okay for them to poke fun at whites or segregate themselves into race based groups. Look at our own college campus during lunch-time. Even though we have a “diverse” student population, you will find that people tend to associate with people that are just like them, whether that is based on race or culture. I don’t believe that diversity should be forced, but I am not a racist. The idea that anyone who doesn’t have a diverse social group must be racist is just erroneous logic. The idea that a school must admit a certain number of “minority” students even if it means passing up better qualified “white” students. I use quotations because these terms are relative. Where a white person may be a majority in one area, they are a minority in another. Should we force diversification everywhere and mandate that every state, town, and institution must have an equal number of all “races”? Where do we stop?

  21. Politically correct dogma prevents the phrase “Diversity is a Strength” from being untrue.

    If millions parrot this phrase, encouraged by the wealthy,famous & powerful elite, it must be true. No further examination or reflection is needed.

  22. Wouldn’t it have been easier to simply state why racial and ethnic diversity is a strength? No such explanation was furnished because such diversity is not a strength. Unity is a strength. It is ethnic unity that makes nations strong, not ethnic diversity.

  23. I thought that the college experience was to give each student a “broad” perspective on life, untainted by personal, professorial or institutional bias. Maybe an environment where students could explore diverse viewpoints and ideas and formulate their own opinions. Well, I stand corrected. Apparently UVA-Wise does not believe that diversity is a strength when it comes to alternative world views, or at least non-politically correct ones.

    It is interesting how you accept and embrace “diversity” if an organization like La Raza or MeCHA, who are openly racist, is espousing their rhetoric. They would even get an invitation to most college campuses. You might want to read their websites if you want to read some more “incorrect, or even crude” beliefs.

    Thank you for fostering an environment of intolerance cloaked under the guise of learning. Please stick to teaching factual subjects like mathematics and science and let the students develop their own thoughts and ideas without someone else’s bias.

  24. Much of diversity actually is not a strength. For example, destroying a common language for thousands of languages results in people not being able to communicate with each other. This fosters in-group behavior which when taken far enough results in a patchwork of disparate groups fighting each other for political, sociological, economic, and cultural power weakening everyone against real outside economic, military, and cultural threats rather than working homogeneously together as one people… exactly what we see in the U.S. today as a result of multiculturalism and massive immigration (both illegal and legal).

  25. ‘Diversity’ in the context of race and ethnicity is not a strength. It is a source of constant conflict, inequality and tribalism. When ‘diverse’ countries succeed it’s despite their ethnic diversity – not because of it.

    There is no academic study anywhere that shows it as a ‘strength’. Therefore those who claim otherwise are subscribing to faith-based politics – that which has no supporting evidence.

  26. Wait until you get into the real world and have to pay taxes. You make $125,000 per year, but have to contemplate whether you and your wife should have kid #2. Wait until you are at a cash register buying food items for the week and you see someone swipe an EBT card and pay for their cigs and beer with cash while yelling at their 3-6 kids in and around the shopping cart. This is something I see each time I go to a Wal-Mart or a local grocery store.

    I looked at the AmRen website per your request at the end of the story. What it appears to be to me is a site that looks at stories from around the country linked to their site.

    Is it inherently racist to point out news events just because the race is non-white? Do other races not have pride in their race? Why is it racist if a white person has pride in his race?

    I am tired of giving my hard earned money away to free-loaders in the name of diversity.

    Our government needs to wake-up; you just need to give it a few years when you have an actual job with actual responsibilities. Oh, and if you haven’t done so already, view Idiocracy – that’s where we are headed. The only difference is – it’s not going to be a comedy.

  27. Editorial Board;

    I agree with the title of this article. That’s why I am commenting on it.

    Since you stipulate that “diversity is strength”, I ask you to show me even one example of that other than diversity of thought. I agree that diversity of thought is a strength, but I doubt that you mean diversity of thought; your university seems to eschew that.

    And to correct your statement that the New Century Foundation is “…representative of a white supremacist viewpoint.”, I defy you to find even one example of anything the Foundation has ever written that is “white supremacist”.
    White advocacy is NOT White supremacist.

  28. Here’s what Amren readers think of your ignorant comments, little guy.

    1 — young Jim wrote at 4:59 PM on October 28:
    Most of the college students won’t understand affirmative action until they work for a minority, after they notice the other minorities receiving promotions or good evaluations it’ll sink in. As far as the “diversity is strength” ploy, research why and how past great civilizations fell, Rome, Macedon, currently Britain. Look at crime statistics for our most diverse cities, then you’ll see the facts; where there is blacks and latinos, crime is much higher, and people expect not to work while still receiving welfare. Inner city schools get more money and have less graduation, but no one can figure out why; cause blacks and latinos don’t want to learn. I’ll stop now or I’ll spend all on this one subject.

    2 — Question Diversity wrote at 5:26 PM on October 28:
    There’s an old intemperate phrase that goes, “Don’t defecate where you eat.” Actually, it doesn’t say quite that, but you get the point.

    The NCF was nice enough to take a printed ad out in your printed paper, I’m sure you could desperately use the money, and all you can do is bash the advertiser?

    Diversity is a strength.

    Again, explain to me why or how, and do so without merely defining diversity.

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice the title of JT’s new video. Yes, it is a takeoff on the old “Question Authority” bumper stickers. I got the idea to start using “Question Diversity” as a screen name because I saw a hippiemobile with the bumper stickers “Question Authority” and “Honor Diversity” next to each other. I did the simple transposition of words, because questioning diversity IS questioning authority.
    3 — Memphomaniac wrote at 6:10 PM on October 28:
    The US Supreme Court has ruled that protected (free) speech is necessarily unpopular speech. Popular speech needs no protection. Unpopular viewpoints may later become popular, but not if they are blocked or censored or disallowed. If an unpopular viewpoint is so potent and threatening that others must seek to stop it before others can hear it, I say we NEED very much to hear this unpopular speech….and maybe make it popular indeed. The truth is unafraid of all viewpoints but the deception and the lie is fragile and fearful of being upset or exposed.
    4 — Sincerely Concerned wrote at 6:11 PM on October 28:
    “If we brush ugly views to the side and don’t discuss what makes them wrong, how do we learn from them?”

    This is perhaps the scariest statement. It has Orwellian overtones. “Ugly”, “wrong”. Thanks for making up the minds of your own before they have a chance to go to the site(s) and determine for themselves what they may think.

    5 — Anonymous wrote at 6:19 PM on October 28:
    European diversity worked. Asian diversity in the West worked out too fairly well I believe. Both groups seem quite capable of integrating into Western society. As for Black and Hispanic diversity being a “strength”, why don’t the people who constantly repeat this mantra move to Detroit and prove that?
    6 — Anonymous wrote at 6:32 PM on October 28:
    Highland Cavalier

    Is that some school in the old confederacy? Sounds like it. How the south has fallen. Such pompous nonsense. No different from 20 years ago when I was in college. Same old same old.

    Wait till they try to get a job. Or live with a diverse roommate who brings a lot of diverse roommates over including a rapist murderer.
    7 — Miss Whitey wrote at 6:43 PM on October 28:
    I don’t understand how this article can claim that diversity is a strength. They obviously don’t understand history.

    Whenever you put people of different cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, etc. together there is ALWAYS conflict and, unfortunately, many times bloodshed. Differences tend to do this even within the same races and ethnicities, but it is worse when there are differing races and ethnicities because many of them have historical racial grievances that are nursed and that they will never go beyond.

    I have noticed since America has increased its diversity from Third World countries, our country is broken, in conflict, and divisive. There are unending accusations of racism and discrimination.

    I would rather live in peace.
    8 — J.P. wrote at 6:44 PM on October 28:
    My answer on the diversity question is normally the question, If diversity is so good why is lowering standards the typical method used to implement diversity ?
    9 — Anonymous wrote at 6:46 PM on October 28:
    If this awakens even one person it’ll have been worth it. Someone reading this must have a lingering doubt as to why certain minorities fail as a group. All I can say is read up. I certainly didn’t stumble onto AmRen with the opinions I currently hold. This website helped, but more important was my own research. Read up on the facts yourself, blank slate, do not think about how you would like things, only how they are. Utilizing logic, you’ll realize why we here at AmRen think the way we do.

    Remember that while we can tell you how blacks have an average IQ of 85, we cannot tell you all blacks have an IQ of 85. Same goes for whites at 100 or asians at 106. We only talk about such numbers not because we swell up with pride for our race, but because they explain the social and economic inequities between the races. Ockham’s razor seems to be applied everywhere but race.
    10 — BO_Bill wrote at 6:53 PM on October 28:
    “Ignorant” is a dated word used against those people who recognize biological differences between groups by observing human interactions and exercising the former sciences of “sociology” or “anthropology”. This editorial board is behind the times. The casual observer knows that the identifier “Ignorant” was replaced by “Hateful” in the 1990s, only to be recently replaced again by “Scared”.

    But the person who is concerned about the consequences of the demographic future of his country is usually not “Ignorant” or “Hateful” or “Scared”. I think a more accurate identifier would be “Objective”. Those other words often seem to be Freudian projection on the part of the people who seem to gain so much self-affirmation by using them.
    11 — John Engelman wrote at 7:11 PM on October 28:
    Those who maintain that diversity is valuable need to go beyond feel good rhetoric and examine the results.

    When white Europeans, whites of European descent, the upper stratum of India, and Orientals interact the results can be positive. These are racial groups who have practiced urban civilization for several thousand years, and agriculture for thousands of years more.

    When whites interact with racial groups closer in number of generations to a paleolithic existence, and when these less evolved racial groups interact with each other, the results are frequently negative.

    The Arabs were once creators of a great civilization. Unfortunately, they never really recovered from the Mongolian conquests of the thirteenth century. The religion that unites them has become a force for intolerance and obscurantism.
    12 — Stevn wrote at 7:22 PM on October 28:
    The continued false statement that This Nation was founded on diversity must be met with truth at every opportunity. The preamble to the constitution, every immigration law up until 1965, and just about every politician up until the modern era have been implicitly or explicitly pro European majority.
    13 — McGillicuddy wrote at 7:28 PM on October 28:

    Stuff like this is better than nothing, and is even necessary, but we must not fool ourselves; it’s very easy for people to ignore bumper-sticker type arguments, especially from extremists like us. The average UVA student who watched that video rolled his eyes, and thought one of two things: ‘Just another reactionary who doesn’t understand that progress takes time.’ or ‘Yeah maybe, I guess, nothing to get to worked up about, I’m not really planning on living in the ghetto anyways.’ I think the argument that diversity is code for anti-white, that it’s only white countries that are being forced to embrace potential minority status in their own homelands, etc. would get people thinking a little more, but even still many would say, ‘So what, that’s actually what makes us better.’

    Ultimately, we have to convince people of the moral superiority of ethnic nationalism vis-a-vis egalitarian universalism. There is such an argument, on realist and idealist grounds, but the curious first-time visiter does not have time for it, and mainstream newspapers don’t have the space for it. So AmRen must make do with videos like this, a few viewers will read more, and some will even be converted, but most of the onus is on us readers to make our case to friends and family.

    14 — ice wrote at 7:32 PM on October 28:
    “We vehemently disagree with New Century’s cause. Diversity is a strength. Our nation, our community and our college are all built on it. We believe the organization’s beliefs are incorrect and even crude. They are, and certainly should be, unpopular.”

    The article refers to “we” editorially but obviously it’s one person, probably a male. Such ignorance is absolutely amazing, but even more amazing is the fact that this dork isn’t even aware that inundating the country with divisive elements was a plan to fractionalize the country so no single group was dominant, and the method used to repel rightful, natural opposition to it was a process of brainwashing, declaring it was good (diversity is our strength) and shouting anyone down who doesn’t like it as haters.

    Also, as is quite evident in the writing of this pitiful, brainwashed fool, such brainwashing includes demonizing anyone who wants to be a separatist…..and no straddling of the fence either. He and his zombie co-horts MUST have a full 100% acceptance completely of this skewed, radical leftist hogwash. They’ll tolerate nothing less.

    Note the close-minded comments advising the lemmings to think about how diversity is a strength. This pitiful moron is completely unaware he’s being a close-minded bigot far greater than anyone he’s criticizing.

    His parents, if they have an ounce of sense, should demand his tuition back, because the school’s obvious purpose is social engineering in place of education, and they’ve caught this fool, hook, line and sinker. It’s truly disgusting.

    I have very little respect…if any at all…for mind-numbed university fools who are too weak-minded to resist mind-control.
    15 — Brett wrote at 7:34 PM on October 28:
    The fact that they wrung their hands over whether to run this benign ad says a lot. First, they must ask themselves why Amren
    not only exists, but is supported. That initial gut reaction they had to not run the ad is typical (in certain circles of effectively conditioned individuals). Most people from spheres like theirs wouldn’t. They’d object to it and not run the ad which effectively stifles any discussion or debate. This is a common response (again, in certain circles, particularly that of academia) and is precisely one of the reasons why Amren exists. Our viewpoints are not included in what people like to call “diversity”, which is a context dependent term.

    What kind of diversity are we talking about? It probably refers to racial diversity, and I’ll get to that, but it also refers to diversity of thought, which is by and large not what people mean when they speak of “diversity”, they simply mean racial diversity. Yet, why I’m here and support Amren is that I value diversity of thought. I personally object to censorship and the stifling of opposing viewpoints which is how I first came to look into Amren to see what they were about. I didn’t let media outlets which appeared to be merely recycling SPLC propaganda scare me off, scare me into not investigating alternative viewpoints. If it isn’t fear then what is it in their case? What explains their ignorance of Amren? Is it that the media have given them an excuse to be intellectually lazy, an excuse to bask in their own unchallenged intellectual supremacy? Who are the supremacists in this scenario?

    If Amren is supremacist, then every ethnocentric minority group, special interest or advocacy group in this entire country is racist and or supremacist as well. Is the NAACP supremacist? Is NCLR supremacist? Is the Asian Pacific Congressional Caucus
    supremacist? Is the Arab American Institute supremacist? Is the Black Congressional Caucas supremacist? The list goes on and
    on…there are hundreds, possibly thousands of these types of organizations and not a single, officially recognized and accepted interest/advocacy group for whites. ZERO. Let me say that again…ZERO.

    Would they please explain to us why they think that is and if they don’t think pervasive anti-white racism is the cause please indicate why they don’t believe this is the case.

    The only difference between Amren and these other ‘acceptable’ ethnocentric interest/advocacy groups is that most of us are white and Amren publishes stories and opinions from a white perspective and that are of interest to whites. That is
    the ONLY difference – that we are by and large white. These others groups are pursuing their enthnocentric interests (free from accusations of racism and supremacist, a lot of them get funding and recognition from the government!) and so are we (without taxpayer funding mind you!). Please explain to me how this amounts to racism on our part or again could even remotely qualify as supramecy.

    In the context of myself, as a white person, how do I personally benefit from diversity? It seems to me the “benefit” of American-style diversity is that I don’t get a say. I get to be discriminated against by Affirmative Action policies and yet, although the government classifies me as a “Caucasian” for purposes of discriminating against me, I’m not allowed to have a Caucasian interest/advocacy group of my own that advocates for me!? That says “Hey, U.S. government, why are we still pretending that Affirmative Action isn’t institutionalized racism? Why is racial discrimination still acceptable in this country as long as it’s only directed at whites?” I have no one in government that will represent me in this concern. Is diversity a strength…for me? I’d ask the paper to come up with one single example of how diversity directly, personally benefits me as a white individual.

    Interestingly, as the paper has also demonstrated, our critics do not actually know what we talk about here, refuse to allow us to debate them openly (typically), and smear us as supremacists because they googled “Amren” and noticed the SPLC says it is white supremacist so they mindlessly, uncritically accept this smear as god’s truth, and cannot provide actual demonstrative evidence of supramecism (because you’d have to actually read Amren to do that) to back up their smears.

    Please, by all means they should scour this site for the “supremacy” they think exists here. Show me where I’m wrong! I can tell them that only people I personally dislike are journalists that keep repeating the same ignorant lies about us over and over! Whatever happened to fact checking in
    journalism? Who knows. Apparently for them, that process stops at the SPLC’s website which is curious because when you’re reporting on something, shouldn’t you have direct knowledge of it? Here’s a tip: The SPLC was never appointed the official moral compass of America. They may think it has the last and final say, but that doesn’t make it true.

    Also when they refer to “ignorant viewpoints”, as they did in the title of their article, are they referring to us? Because ignorance is defined as a state of being uninformed. I have to wonder if I seem uninformed to them? We’re well aware over here, it’s their paper that has demonstrated ignorance of us and what Amren is really about. That’s the only ignorance that exists here.

    It’s so incredibly arrogant, considering their complete ignorance, that they would call Amren “supremacist” before bothering to ask “Hey, what are you guys actually about?” Give Jared an interview! Are you journalists or a paper posing as a smear campaign? Prove you’re not just the latter. I invite them to ask us to share our views and debate them as often as they’d like. I’d like nothing more than that.
    16 — bob wrote at 8:07 PM on October 28:
    Both the organization and publication are, by any objective standard, representative of a white supremacist viewpoint.

    Well, “by any objective standard”, those holding a “white supremacist viewpoint” would somehow advocate that whites are, um, well, uhhh …. supreme.

    But there is an awful lot of racial realist and HBD literature – quoted here – that point-blank says that (as compared to whites) Asians have higher IQs, and at least the Ashkenazi Jews, if not other type of Jews as well.

    Come on Amren, you’re blowing it!

    Yep, “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder”.
    17 — Anonymous wrote at 8:30 PM on October 28:
    “We encourage you to visit amren.com and read what the group has to say. Discuss it with your peers, professors and others in the community. Talk about how it makes you FEEL and think about why diversity is a strength.”

    The condescending attitude and voluntary irrationality of these lefties is infuriating.
    18 — Jupiter7 wrote at 8:46 PM on October 28:
    Anon 6:19

    Asian diversity in the West worked out? For who? The White Greedy Liberal Cheating Class obviously. Asians in our America are actively participating in the destruction of who knows how many centuries of Native Born White American engineering, medical, scientific and technological experience-future generations included-Native Born White American variety. This, is most definitely is in the realm of genocide. If you want to be among Asians..pack your bags and go live in China, India, Pakistan or Korea..don’t impose Asia on the rest of us.

    To the college kids: ask your cool and hip college professors why they don’t live in Newark NJ or Hempstead Long Island which have been massively blessed by nonwhite diversity? Another thing to think about: why would you want to deprive millions of Native Born White Americans the enormous benefit of a severe labor scarcity that would be a direct consequence of shutting off all non white legal immigration-down to 0? Why are you in favor of the Liberal White Greedy Cheating Class stealing the trillions in wages from millions of ordinary Native Born White Americans..which they are able to do through the importation of Asian, Muslim and Hispanic scab labor? Ask your really cool and hip professors this question.
    19 — Anonymous wrote at 9:18 PM on October 28:
    “our purpose, which is in part to serve as a conduit for discussion of issues that affect us”

    An admirable position.

    I have no doubt about the integrity of the well-discussed and well-argued viewpoints of Amren.

    My only question is: should the student body, after discussing Amren, make up their minds that Amren is correct, will the student newspaper be civilized and agree to disagree, or will it go on the attack and try to rid the campus of controversial thoughts?
    20 — Anonymous wrote at 9:25 PM on October 28:
    Ignorant viewpoints, White supremacist, vehemently disagree, incorrect or even crude, unpopular, ugly views. Wrong. Such a long list of negativity in such a short promo is generally quite indicative of a mind ruled by emotion rather than reason. It was minds ruled by emotion rather than reason that countenanced people being burned at the stake for their beliefs. On a superficially emotional level, the writer truly believes this is the way it should and must be, but at a deeper level doubts and contradictions lurk, hence a defensive and obstinate front. Such processes are usually found in the most fundamentalist of diverse religions and I have always maintained multiculturalism and diversity proponents are of the same cut with their own high priest, chants and sacraments.
    21 — underdog wrote at 9:51 PM on October 28:
    So when are we going to go big time. UVA Charlottesville, Univ. of MD College Park, UNC Chapel Hill??
    22 — Flaxen-headed Strumpet wrote at 9:56 PM on October 28:
    I went to the original article and found that the comments section is non-existent. But another link caught my eye at this student paper.

    It seems that the editorial staff is incapable of following the philosophy of an Argentine Jewish journalist that they showcased in this article:

    23 — Anonymous wrote at 9:58 PM on October 28:
    If diversity is a strength, why does the government force it upon us literally at gunpoint?

    24 — Anonymous wrote at 10:02 PM on October 28:
    How is diversity a strength. Or put another way, what specific behaviors do non-whites engage in that are an advantage to whites? What problematic behaviors do they engage in?

    I’ll answer that. Non-whites hate whites and there is no rational observation of benefit to their existence in our lands whatsoever. You can readily observe the hatred. And it is only with great difficulty and leaps of drivel and fast talking that one pretend there are any advantages.

    What does the term, ignorance mean? It means, as opposed to being stupid, or uneducated, the person is stubbornly ignoring what can readily be observed. So what behaviors are “rednecks” stubbornly ignoring, even lying about? None. But what about the liberals? Are those who espouse the “joys of diversity” willfully ignoring certain behaviors? Yes…the fact that non-whites, rape, rob, murder, assault, steal from, and parasitize our societies via abuse of welfare. Also, the tremendous degenerate behavior they engage in….prostitution, slavery (especially slavery of children), drugs, gangs, out of wedlock births. All manner of mayhem, mischief and let’s be direct and to the point about it….evil.

    It’s liberals that are ignorant. And we need to be more direct with them about what the term, ignorance, means, define it. More to the point, not to tolerate it. Liberals are not engaging in argument here…but in bad behavior. That should consequences….fear. Stigmatization, assault, loss of job, loss of place in community. In other words, you think my “white supremacy” is ignorant? Then you are not allowed to live in my white neighborhood and should be forced to live in Detroit….shot if you attempt to leave.

    Try ignoring that.
    25 — Tom S. wrote at 10:06 PM on October 28:
    *Ultimately we published the advertisement, but decided to donate the money New Century will pay us to the Virginia chapter of the NAACP.

    So they decided to donate the money to a “black supremacist” group – the NAACP! To them, Amren is a “White supremacist” group while the NAACP is considered a “civil rights” organization even though both are just looking out for the rights of “their” people. So I guess it would only be fair if the NAACP ran an ad that they should donate that money to Amren – right?

    *Diversity is a strength. Our nation, our community and our college are all built on it.

    I personally think that “diversity” creates adversity. Our nation, our communities and our colleges were built and were considered first rate the world over long before we had the “strength” of diversity. Statistics prove that any nation, community or college that has a lot of diversity also have more crime, are not as well maintained and have a lot of infighting amongst the various groups. Can any of these diversity lovers name any place on earth that IMPROVED after Whites moved out and blacks/non-Whites moved in? Do they really think that Detroit, E. St Louis, Zimbabwe or South Africa got better after Whites left? Diversity also means that White European culture and White peoples rights are ALWAYS compromised in favor of non Whites. How many collegescorporations permit – and even encourage – non-Whites to form organizations to look out for their interests, but yet refuse Whites that same right.

    I will give the Highland Cavalier credit for at least having an open mind instead of just shuttingshouting down any opinions that they don’t agree with.
    26 — global minority loses another wrote at 10:43 PM on October 28:
    Another ignorant news story that college students will be forbidden to discuss for fears of “stigmatizing blacks with divisive and hurtful lies that stoke fear, hate, and violence”:


    Stabbed to death as she came home from school: Girl, 14, murdered after confronting burglar

    Kelli O’Laughlin found dead by her mother in $500,000 Chicago house

    Police release sketch of suspect showing a black man in his late 20s

    Reports that investigators already have a suspect in custody

    There had been a spate of burglaries on expensive houses in the area

    Friends flock to Facebook to express grief for ‘angelic’ girl with ‘big smile’

    She had talked about ‘growing up’ in that day’s Spanish class
    27 — WR the elder wrote at 11:06 PM on October 28:
    I invite any of the brainwashed readers of the Highland Cavalier to come right here and explain to us how diversity is a strength. At best, diversity is neutral. At its worse, it leads to civil war and genocide. When Jared Taylor debated Peter March on this very issue, Peter March didn’t even try to show that diversity is a strength. All he did was sound morally outraged and insist that diversity is a cross that we wicked, wicked white folk must bear.

    28 — E Pluribus Pluribus wrote at 11:16 PM on October 28:
    Assuming genuine intellectual curiosity on the part of young visitors to this site as to what science has to say about race in light of contemporary challenges such as education, they cannot do better than this superb review essay by Raymond Wolters, Thomas Muncy Keith Professor of History at the University of Delaware:

    Race And Science: A Review Essay Assessing the Debates of the 1950s and 1960s in the Light of Subsequent Research

    Social Scientists for Social Justice: Making the Case against Segregation by John P. Jackson, Jr.
    New York: New York University Press, 2001

    Science for Segregation: Race, Law, and the Case against Brown v. Board of Education by John P. Jackson, Jr.
    New York: New York University Press, 2005

    Reviewed by Raymond Wolters
    Occidental Quarterly
    Summer, 2007
    29 — Ron wrote at 11:22 PM on October 28:
    I have yet to find an advocate for diversity that can explain how diversity is a strength. Some use the lame “ethnic food” or “music” as examples. Most others ignore the question outright and predictably resort to name-calling. The fact that they can’t explain diversity’s strengths leads one to believe that deep down inside, even THEY don’t believe it. They simply parrot what they think their peers believe because they don’t want to be shunned by the group, never realizing that many of their peers also question the the validity of diversity being a strength but are likewise too afraid to speak out. In other words, they go along to get along.
    30 — white advocate – Canada wrote at 12:12 AM on October 29:
    Here are my two big reasons for dissenting from the diversity program.

    The science supporting it has been found bogus. There are many instances of premeditated fraud. Some really big names in sociology and anthropology have been found guilty. Yet the diversity program goes on. The political force driving the program calls itself liberal. What kind of liberal is it that loses respect for science? So something else beside liberalism has to explain the success of the diversity program. What would that be? There is the possibility that diversity defenders have been trapped by some weird of decadent trend; or perhaps they have been recruited onto one side of a social battle.

    I came into the white movement out of the environmental movement. Even if you disagree that there is a crisis, you must concede that an environmental movement could succeed even if there were no crisis. What would be the successful elements of the movement? Critical mass, leaders, money, access to media, and maybe most importantly, group interaction leading to solidarity, reciprocity, and trust. The last point is proving to be difficult in the modern world. The very last thing I would allow is a tangled mess of tribal fighting. This is not how you get everyone together to achieve environmental goals.

    31 — Henry Clay wrote at 12:21 AM on October 29:
    From mission statement of the University of Virginia at Wise:

    “The University of Virginia’s College at Wise is a diverse community of people who believe that information can be transformed into knowledge and that teaching and learning create a foundation for wisdom.”

    Note that there is no mention of “truth.”
    32 — Henry wrote at 12:46 AM on October 29:
    If diversity is so good and natural, then why does it have to constantly be defended and shoved down the throats of Whites? Why does Affirmative Action exist? Why do we need Diversity Training Programs at work? Diversity is not natural and is dangerous for Whites. Even if it did work, then it would be dangerous for Whites. Extinction or genocide through mongrelization.

  29. Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.
    Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.
    They are already 100% diverse.
    People are only telling White children in White countries that they need diversity.
    Canada will be 100% diverse when there are no White people left.
    Diversity is a code word for White genocide.

  30. Wise, Va., just a few miles from where the incomparable Stanley Brothers were born and raised.

    And U.Va., my own alma mater! You kiddies in Wise are breaking your old Uncle Pen’s heart!

    Do you kiddies like diversity? Well your old Uncle Pen likes diversity too! He especially likes Mexico, where he hangs out in villages and small towns when he has the chance.

    And since he likes diversity, your Uncle Pen is pro-White, and not anti-White like those who guide you at UVa in Wise and who want to destroy diversity!

    That’s right.

    The anti-Whites who guide you don’t believe in the Theory of Evolution. That’s right too! They don’t accept that theory’s fundamental tenet that separation is what creates diversity, separation is what maintains diversity, and ending separation is what destroys diversity.

    That’s all the explanation I should need to give you kiddies, but since college ain’t what it used to be back when I graduated from U.Va. in the mid 1960s, your old Uncle Pen will explain it to you.

    Consider a group of animals selected randomly from the same species, and let half of them wander into a very different environment from the other half and let both groups stay in their respective environments for many thousands of years. The differing pressures from their two distinct environments will select different traits that will come to distinguish one group from the other. The two groups will have genetically diverged from each other, just as Whites diverged in northern climes from Blacks left behind in tropical Africa, and just as different varieties of white-tailed deer have evolved in response to differing environments in the valleys of the Smoky Mountains.

    Bring all those varieties of white tailed deer together in one valley, and they will interbreed and soon there will be only one variety of white-tailed deer. No more diversity.

    Similarly with non-Whites and Whites. Put them in the same country and remove the barriers between them, and they will interbreed until eventually there is just one race. No more diversity.

    We see this in progress today…how many of you, even in the areas you live in, know a family that has mixed children somewhere in it today?

    That same process that is underway here was long ago completed in Mexico between the Spanish conquistadores and the Indian peoples they found there, producing the mestizo race that inhabits Mexico today. No more diversity in Mexico.

    This is for real, kiddies. This is really happening. The U.S. and all the other formerly white countries of the world are being purposefully flooded by non-Whites, and the result will be the elimination of the White race. The purposeful elimination of a race by any means is designated by the U. N. as genocide.

    The anti-Whites who guide you call themselves anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White, and the program they support is White Genocide.

    Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.


  31. “Maybe we weren’t right, but hopefully we got people thinking.”

    More people than you might imagine are new thinkers, but don’t you be over attributing yourself.

    Enjoy your tingly feelings of competitive altruism arising from your donation.

  32. I salute the Cavalier for running the ad for our website, AmRen.com. In my experience, despite the constant praise for diversity that is common on university campuses, the one kind of diversity that gets short shrift is the most important: diversity of ideas. A college education should acquaint students with a broad variety of views, but most campuses suffer from a stifling conformity.

    I fear, however, that the editorial board of The Highland Cavalier has not taken its own advice to students about visiting our web page and reflecting on it. By no means can we be called “white supremacist.” That is an emotion-laden term meant to label someone as beyond the reach of reason or morality and to shut down debate.

    There are strong arguments to be made against the idea that diversity is a strength, and I always find it ironic that the promoters of diversity are so afraid of hearing them.

    I challenge anyone on campus to a public debate on this question. If I am wrong or misguided, should I not be easy to refute? If I am right should I not be heard?

    Jared Taylor, President
    New Century Foundation

  33. This nation was not founded on multicultural diversity. The preamble to the constitution, the first immigration laws and almost every politician up until 1965 were explicitly pro European majority. These facts are easily researchable via the internet and have never been disputed or proven false by any anti European majority group. The very cause of diversity is to displace heterosexual white christian males of European decent and I approach those views as racist against whites. This will end very soon, and it may not end well for those of have worked to undermine the white majority.

  34. New Century Foundation is not a ‘white supremacist’ organization. It is a white civil rights organization! We are a group of pro-white activists and white community organizers. We are working to organize the white community. I describe myself as a civil rights activist working to overcome bigotry, racism, and discrimination against white people.

  35. You have already decided for your readers exactly what they should think and feel. To have a debate about any issue, you have to allow people to choose their own viewpoint. Why, according to you, is Amren a “white supremacist” publication? Do they support White people’s rights? Do they think White people should have their own voice like every other race group in America? What exactly is it that makes them “white supremacist”? Your opinion?

    If you truly want to give your readers the real option to choose, I would suggest dropping the higher than mighty act and publish the advertisement without saying they are ignorant or giving your internal thoughts on the matter. Let your readers decide. After all, if Amren is ignorant, surely that would come through without your condemnation. Right?

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