SAB brings band to caf

By Adam Hood
Staff Writer

Photo by Jordan Fifer.

The Student Activities Board dished out a taste of music in the caf Tuesday evening, as Maryland band Lloyd Dobler Effect performed to a crowd of dining students.
Josh Justice, assistant director of student activities and Greek life, said the dinner time performance was one of the first of its kind at UVa-Wise.

“Music is something that if people are not already there, it’s somewhat difficult to get students to come,” Justice said. “So we want to bring the music to our students.”

Having gained notoriety on the national college circuit, Lloyd Dobler Effect has performed in more than 40 states and 13 countries. The band performed a mix of original songs and covers Tuesday.

Junior Seth Rhoton said he enjoyed the show while eating dinner.

“With all my coursework, it’s really hard to get out and see some live music right now,” Rhoton said. “It was nice to be able to hear some good music while getting something to eat.”

Turnout has been low to SAB concerts this year, something Justice acknowledged is partly due to students balancing their social life with college responsibilities. He said SAB hopes to be able to increase concert turnouts by having more musical events in the dining hall and other places students frequent.

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