Smiddy renovations to be complete by May

By Clifton Diaz
Online Editor

Renovations to Smiddy Hall are expected to be completed by the end of the spring semester.
The additions, set to be finished by May 2011, will create more classrooms and faculty office space, said Travis Perry, capital projects manager.

Smiddy Hall renovations are ongoing. According to Travis Perry, capital projects manager, the building is about 72 percent complete.

“Inside of the existing Smiddy, [construction workers] have begun painting some drywall and metal studs are all in place, so you can make out where the offices are going to be,” Perry said.
The layout will include classrooms on the first floor, he said.
When students walk into the lobby, “they will see high ceilings and an open staircase.”
When the building is finished, the campus community will see “nice sidewalks, plazas, benches and a retaining garden similar to Crockett Hall,” Perry said.
The administrative offices for academic affairs and institutional research will be on the second floor, Perry said.
“The provost wanted to be visible and available to the people that need to see him,” Perry said.
The most crucial work will begin in the next 30 to 60 days, he said. He said the building is currently more than 72 percent complete.
Work on the roof, drywall, and brick will continue into December and January, he said.
The temporary fence outside Smiddy Hall in the campus entrance parking lot is an OSHA requirement for when workers put the roof on top of the building, he said.
The fence will remain there until roof work is completed sometime in February.

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