How to: Get a girlfriend before Valentine’s Day

By Cameron Parsons
Connections Editor

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Nothing is worse than being a single guy on the most romantic day of the year.
Been single for a while? Having trouble finding that special someone? Stalking not getting the desired results? Well I am here to help.

Here are the top 10 ways to get a girlfriend by Valentine’s Day.
10.)  Dinner in the Caf The new caf provides a reasonably romantic atmosphere for a first date. Invite her to dinner and grab a quiet seat so you can talk and get to know her.  By the way, eat enough to show her you are a manly man, but not enough to make her think you haven’t eaten in weeks.
9.)  Help her with her homework. While at your first dinner alone in the new caf, you discover that your future ex-girlfriend is taking algebra. Offer to help her, even if you have no idea how to do algebra. Showing that you are willing to help is enough to leave a good impression.
8.)  Be yourself. Most girls can pick up on your nervousness, unoriginality and fake personality. So being yourself gives you a better chance of success. But what if you have a poor personality? You probably need to take a chance and fake it. A fake nice personality is better than a genuinely bad one.
7.)  Don’t use corny pick up lines. This one can go either way.  If you have a new pick-up line, feel free to test it out on some random girls. Gauge its success before you try it out on your target girl.
6.)  Sing a song (especially one with her name in it). If you can play a guitar, this might be your best chance. Girls love a guy that can show their love through art and song.  Channel your inner Springsteen and let the emotion flow.
5.)  Don’t be a complete idiot. Chances are that most girls will not be too enthused when you suggest sex on the first date. The second date might be pushing it, too. Don’t take too many unnecessary chances. Let her dictate the pace of your relationship.
4.)  Listen to her “problems.” Girls love to talk.  Talk, talk, talk.  Even if you feel your ears start to bleed, suck it up and at least pretend to pay attention. You don’t have to listen to every word.  Every now and then, repeat certain phrases she mutters and insert a “yes” occasionally. Nodding your head in agreement helps as well.
3.)  Dinner at a nice restaurant. This is a major step in the getting-a-girlfriend process. The Tavern, Mosby’s or even Reno’s should do the trick. Be sure to pay the bill.  Love isn’t cheap. However, don’t do the expensive dinner first, make her earn it.
2.)  Roses. Roses are a relatively cheap way of stealing a girl’s heart. Flowers are a must for every special occasion. Roses work most effectively when she is not expecting them. Maybe get the flowers after class one day, before a date or a week before Valentine’s Day.
1.)  Ask her to “be your Valentine.”
Although this is probably a corny line, it will be effective. The closer it gets to Valentine’s Day, the more effective it will be. This is the final step before you officially ask her to be your girlfriend. Be confident, sincere and bring some flowers to guarantee success.

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